Farrah Abraham Slams ‘Bachelor’ Contestant’s ‘Teen Mom’ Comment

Farrah Abraham is speaking out about a comment made about teen moms on ABC’s The Bachelor. The 24-year-old Teen Mom OG star spoke out to Us Weekly after Bachelor villain Olivia Caridi mocked her single mom competitor, Amanda Stanton, and her child custody issues by comparing her situation to an episode of the MTV reality show about unwed mothers.

Abraham, who starred on the MTV reality show 16 and Pregnant in 2009, and now stars on the spin-off series, Teen Mom OG, took offense to Caridi’s comment.

“I am older than most of these women on Bachelor, with my life together and organized. Maybe as women we can all agree — no matter how old, how many difficulties life throws at us, as parents or not — to support one another and hope for the best.”

Farrah, who has a 6-year-old daughter, Sophia, went on to say that no one should judge someone else’s parenting. But she also called out Stanton, a single mother of two young daughters, for signing on to the ABC reality show at this stage in her life.

“If you are dealing with Teen Mom–like issues with custody and such, maybe it’s best to not go on a show looking for a new man like on The Bachelor.”

Farrah Abraham never had to deal with custody issues, because, unfortunately, Derek Underwood, the father of her daughter, died in a car accident while she was pregnant. But she still has had to deal with other people critiquing her parenting abilities—and that includes those closest to her.

When Farrah appeared on VH1’s Couples Therapy with her ex-boyfriend, Daniel Alvarez, her ex said she needs to set a better example for little Sophia. Alvarez criticized some of Abraham’s choices, and while he didn’t come out and say it, it was obvious he was referring to her decision to make and promote an adult film to capitalize on her reality TV fame.

Of course, Amanda Stanton’s situation is a bit different than Farrah Abraham’s. The 25-year-old Bachelor contestant shares custody of her kids with her ex-husband. In a discussion about co-parenting, the divorced mother of two told a group of her fellow Bachelor co-stars that her mother and her ex-husband are both taking turns caring for her kids while she competes on The Bachelor. And that’s when this season’s troublemaker, Olivia Caridi, chimed in with her comment about it all sounding like an episode of Teen Mom.

Stanton defended herself, pointing out that she was married and was 22-years-old when she had her first baby, and 24-years-old when she had her second. But her defensive explanation sounds a bit like a Teen Mom slam too, which is probably why Farrah called her out for competing on the ABC reality show in the first place.

Of course, love her or hate her, Farrah Abraham has managed to make a career out of her teen mom status. In addition to her MTV show, Farrah has written a New York Times bestseller, recorded an album, and nabbed a slew of endorsement deals for everything from pasta sauce to hair extensions. So perhaps it’s no surprise that in an interview with TV Guide, Abraham said she has no regrets about being a young mother.

“I would do it all again. [Sophia] has helped me have so many opportunities. I’m so glad I got pregnant in the younger part of my life.”

What do you think of Olivia Caridi’s Teen Mom slam? Watch the video below to see how it played out.

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