Niall Horan’s New Venture Will Break One Direction Fans’ Hearts

Niall Horan may just have made an announcement that is sure to have One Direction fans wringing their hands in despair. Fans everywhere were celebrating last week when Horan’s bandmate Harry Styles sacked Modest Management last week and also stepped clear of HJPR. Fans were hoping that Harry’s move was a sure sign that Horan and the rest of One Direction were distancing themselves from a management team that they widely despise. It seems that Horan is not only staying with Modest but is launching a new business venture in partnership with them.

Horan is a massive sports fan. Niall spent the new year taking in the finals of the world darts championship and then popped off to Australia to enjoy the tennis championship. Niall is also a massive fan of golf and provided fans with one of last years best comedy moments when he slipped over whilst caddying for his pal, fellow Irishman Rory McIlroy.

As such a huge fan of sport, it is perhaps natural that Horan seems set to get involved in that line of work professionally. The Sun reports that Niall has launched a player management firm in partnership with Modest Management. Niall’s company, Modest Golf Management, will seek out emerging talent in Britain and Ireland and help to launch their sports careers.

Apparently, Niall will work alongside Mark McDonnell, a former account manager at leading Golf equipment brand TaylorMade.

“It’s well known Niall loves golf and has been learning from the best out on tour with Rory. Now he wants to discover exciting new players and give them his backing. Mark is an absolute legend in the industry and will help him with endorsement. It’s early days but he’s committed.”

Niall isn’t just a golf fan, he plays to a good standard as well. According to the Mirror Horan carries a 12 handicap, it may not be professional standard but Niall’s handicap ranks him as a pretty decent amateur golfer. With some time on his hands after One Direction’s break kicks off, Niall will be very well placed to improve that golf handicap.

According to Daily Mail, Niall recently said that One Direction needed an extended break after having spent the last four years on the road and making a mammoth five albums. Niall and his bandmates have had little time for anything other than One Direction, so the break gives them the opportunity to relax and enjoy the fruits of an incredibly intense five-years as a band.

As every One Direction fan knows, Niall and his pals were thrust into the limelight at an early age, and for five-years, every facet of their lives has been managed for them. By taking a long break, Niall and the others will be able to stretch their creative wings and try out business ventures that they would never have had time for in the past.

Sports seems a great route for Horan. It is believed that Louis Tomlinson will focus on his newly created record label, Liam Payne is focused on writing for other artists, and Harry seems set to launch a solo career.

Many of Horan’s fans will be delighted to see Niall focusing his attention on something he clearly loves. What won’t please many is that Niall seems set to keep involved with Modest management. Many fans brand Modest, HJPR, and Simon Cowell as an “axis of evil” who have worked Horan and his pals to the verge of collapse over the past five years.

Many feel that Horan and the rest of One Direction have been exploited by a management team who have controlled the band’s image to an extent that Niall and his pals cannot be themselves.

Are you a Niall Horan fan? Let us know if you think that Niall has the business skills to be successful in sports management or not. Do you think Niall and Modest make a good team?

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