Bill Cosby Witness Says He's On The Side Of Prosecution

In a hearing to determine whether the criminal charges will go forward against Bill Cosby for several alleged rapes, a former prosecutor and investigator in the Cosby case has now been called as a defense witness. However, he claims to still be on the side of the prosecution. Cosby is charged with aggravated indecent assault, a second-degree felony, for a 2004 encounter involving drugs and alcohol with former Temple University basketball staffer Andrea Constand.

According to the Inquisitr, in addition to Bill Cosby testifying, Camille Cosby has her own set of hearings, and she must testify about her interactions during the time Bill Cosby was accused. Camille Cosby fought against giving a deposition, but now a judge has ruled that she must do so. Cosby is reportedly humiliated by her husband's serial cheating, but at the end of the day, she knows she will have to show up.

The Los Angeles Times is referring to the former Montgomery County District attorney Bruce Castor and the fact that he is testifying for the defense in the Cosby case. The District Attorney's office said that there was no deal made with Cosby.

"Cosby's lawyers put Castor on the stand to support their claim that in 2005 he and Cosby's late attorney Walter Phillips had entered into a non-prosecution pact. The defense is seeking a dismissal of the charges based on that alleged agreement."

It is alleged that Castor made a non-sanctioned agreement and even put out a press release. D.A. M. Stewart Ryan grilled Castor on the stand.

"Please, tell me in the press release where you made [an agreement] absolute," Assistant Dist. Atty. M. Stewart Ryan said after Castor intimated as much.

"I will if you quiet down and let me look at it," Castor fired back.

Even Judge Steven O'Neil thought it was odd that there was an agreement made with no evidence.

"If you felt there was an agreement, why did you not put it into writing?" O'Neill said to Castor. "Why did you not do that if your intention was to bar prosecution for all time? I mean, do you know why you didn't do that?"

In the end, Castor says he sides with the prosecution, and it's unclear why he thought of entering into such a deal with Bill Cosby.

USA Today said that today, on the second day of testimony, Bill Cosby's fate could be decided. Today should be the day that they find out if the sexual assault charges will hold up. The news from the courthouse is that the judge will rule on where Cosby stands today.

"Montgomery County Judge Steven O'Neill said Tuesday that he expects to rule today on Cosby's motion to dismiss the felony indecent assault charges filed by local District Attorney Kevin Steele in December, in connection with an encounter with ex-Temple University employee Andrea Constand at Cosby's home nearby in 2004."

Andrea Constand insists that Cosby drugged and raped her in his home with his wife upstairs. Cosby insists that the encounter was consensual. Castor testified that he believed that Constand had been molested by Cosby, but he thought with the time lapse, he couldn't prove it.

Cosby's legal team wants this part of the case tossed, because his former attorney (now deceased) struck this deal was Castor. But Castor testified firmly in response to a question from Cosby's lawyers that he was not on their side and did not agree with what he perceived their client did.

Do you think the court will toss out this aspect of the case against Cosby?

[Photo by William Thomas Cain/Getty Images]