WWE Rumors: The Rock Putting Over Roman Reigns At Wrestlemania 32

WWE rumors are suggesting that the secretive role that The Rock will be playing at Wrestlemania 32 will actually see him standing in the corner of Roman Reigns as he attempts to win back the world heavyweight championship from Triple H, according to Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer.

One of the biggest goals for Vince McMahon heading into Wrestlemania 32 is trying to figure a variety of ways to ensure that the expected record breaking audience at AT&T Stadium cheer on Roman Reigns, the man that the company has chosen to replace John Cena as the face of WWE. That’s a tricky proposition because the audience has turned on the second generation performer before in the past.

A big reason why Triple H was given the victory at the Royal Rumble is because WWE their top heel performer to be in the main event of Wrestlemania 32 as the champion. Since he understands the business so well, HHH will more than likely have some ideas during the match to manipulate the audience into supporting Roman Reigns. Since he is deeply rooted into the corporation now, the former leader of Degeneration X should have no qualms about putting over his much younger opponent.

Triple H
Triple H

As good as Triple H is at putting others over, WWE is going to take as much precautions as possible to ensure that Roman Reigns is cheered at the end of Wrestlemania 32. That’s why Vince McMahon has turned to Dwayne Johnson, one of the most popular people in the industry, even though he spends most of his time away from it. World Wrestling Entertainment is going to piggy back on that popularity and use it to help Reigns.

WWE can attempt to manipulate the audience by having Dwayne Johnson standing in the corner of Roman Reigns. For starters, some fans might be hesitant to root against Reigns because it would also be seen as them rooting against Johnson. Some are that loyal to Dwayne that they would cheer on Roman for that reason alone. Also, if the match is not receiving a reaction at certain points, Johnson can easily ad lib and do something to rile up the fans.

Utilizing Dwayne Johnson in this method is not an indictment of Roman Reigns and his ability to carry the promotion. It’s just that he’s in a very sticky situation because fans are now more vocal about who they want pushed.

Roman Reigns
Roman Reigns

As important as the match will be, the key to WWE putting Roman Reigns onto the throne might be what happens after the final bell rings at Wrestlemania 32. If the victory celebration is memorable and epic, then that momentum could carry on over to the following night on Monday Night Raw, the episode that has started to become the most important one of the year because it is essentially the new season for World Wrestling Entertainment.

An interesting idea that is being floated around involves bringing out the Anoa’i family being involved, especially since they were reportedly upset with how WWE handled the ending of Wrestlemania 31 for Roman Reigns. He was supposed to have walked out that night after victoriously beating Brock Lesnar for the world heavyweight championship, but management opted at the last minute to give that honor to Seth Rollins instead.

A Samoan celebration could do the trick. Dwayne Johnson can celebrate with Roman Reigns in the ring, the former holding up the victorious hand of the latter. Then, Johnson concedes the ring to his cousin, while walking towards the ramp. Dwayne then does the entrance routine that the Usos do, as the family members stand in unity behind them.

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