Powerball Winners Sued By Former Inmate: Read Court Documents Filed By Jonathan Riches AKA ‘Jihadi Schitz’

The winners of the $1.58 billion Powerball have been sued for half their winnings. A Pennsylvania man named Jonathan Lee Riches filed the lawsuit from his home state Pennsylvania, against the Powerball jackpot winning couple Lisa and John Robinson of Munford, Tennessee. Riches described himself in the suit as a former inmate who had regular correspondence with the couple’s daughter, then after his release was penniless and broke, while the Robinson’s are enjoying their new fortune, thanks to their lucky Powerball win. The lawsuit was handwritten and Riches, who also goes by the name Jihadi Schitz, states that he sent the couple’s daughter $20 from his prison bank account to purchase the Powerball ticket. Riches’ court statement also says that he has suffered so much distress, he is under psychological treatment for depression. Lisa and John Robinson have yet to comment on Riches’ lawsuit, and certainly haven’t mentioned it while they have been making the television network rounds, such as with their appearance on the Ellen DeGeneres Show, while they celebrate their Powerball jackpot win.

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Jonathan Lee Riches also names the Multi-State Lottery Association, Powerball, Tenneessee Education Lottery, and WWW.Powerball.com, in addition to Lisa, John, and Tiffany Robinson as their defendants. Riches also made the claim in his suit that the Robinson’s couldn’t afford to purchase Powerball tickets on their own, which seems would be quite difficult to prove should this suit go anywhere as the couple is both employed. Riches has filed for an emergency motion for preliminary injunction and temporary restraining order.

Riches claimed to be in prison when he sent Tiffany Robertson, whom he states was his prison pen-pal $20, yet was released by the time he filed the suit, which was a matter of days. The Powerball drawing for $1.58 billion took place on Jan. 13, 2016, Riches wrote his motion on Jan 16, 2016 and the court received Riches’ motion on Jan. 25, 2016, 12 days after the win. Riches also states the family had followed him on his Facebook page, but unfriended him after the issue with the Powerball win surfaced. He also states that he and Tiffany Robinson had regular contact and then after the Powerball win changed her phone number. This is how Riches described his interaction with Tiffany Robinson in his suit.

“I am the actual true winner of the Powerball jackpot. For the last 2 1/2 years while I was incarcerated, I was pen pals with Tiffany Robertson. She was a fan of mine and a Facebook follower and she wrote me dirty letters which I have as evidence and she said she wanted to marry me when I get out of prison. Tiffany told me that no one on this Earth treats her better than me and then I sent her $20 from my prison trust fund account and told her to use the money for Powerball tickets, because if we win, we will leave America and live on a remote island full of milk and honey. And I told Tiffany to give my money to her parents Lisa and John Robinson to buy Powerball tickets because they couldn’t afford to buy. And they promised me if they won any Powerball, I am entitled to half the winnings.”

Tiffany Robinson has yet to come forward to say if she knows Jonathan Lee Riches “Jihadi Schitz,” or if the two were ever in fact pen pals. The family has not stated whether they have ever met or heard of this man before.

“Now I find out that this Robinson family won the Powerball. Tiffany changed her number. The whole Robinson family defriended me on Facebook. I am not in prison no more. I am a practicing Muslim and Tiffany was going to be my Muslim wife. And now I’m homeless. I had to borrow pen and paper to write this restraining order. Now the whole Robinson family are going to run around this earth spending Powerball money that belongs to me. I am so heartbroken by this injustice.”

“I feel Tiffany conned and bamboozled me and manipulated my love for $20 and sold me out. Now she is laughing at me while I collect crumbs.”

Tiffany Robinson hasn’t come forward to say whether or not she had any plans to become a Muslim or leave America with Jonathan ” Jihadi Schitz” Riches.

Jonathan Riches continued to describe his emotional state in his lawsuit.

“I had to go to a psychologist to get depression medication because of Tiffany Robinson. She’s responsible. I seek a restraining order against the Robinson family collecting any Powerball money. The money belongs to me. I payed [sic] for the winning ticket. I seek a full congressional investigation. I seek 1/2 of the Robinsons’ earnings. I pray for relief.”

What do you think? Do you think Johnathan Riches’ lawsuit has any merit or value? Should it be thrown out? Do you think he has a case or is trying to swindle the Robinsons out of the Powerball jackpot winnings? Should the Robinson family seek a restraining order against Jonathan Riches, aka Jihadi Schitz? You may read the full court documents filed in the case, and determine for yourself what you believe is going on and the best action to take.

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