Is Ariana Grande About To Make A Big Announcement?

It looks like Ariana Grande may be gearing up to make a big announcement.

A new tweet by British clothing company Lipsy London got Grande’s fans speculating that Ariana is ready to make the jump from pop superstar to fashion designer after the fashion house teased that they had a big international collaboration announcement coming very soon.

“We have a new international celebrity collection announcing tomorrow and we can’t WAIT to tell you! #1daytogo,” Lipsy tweeted out on February 2, alongside a teaser snap of a floral strapless dress being worn by someone that looks suspiciously like Ariana Grande.

Ariana’s fans were quick to speculate that the company’s new collaborator is the “Focus On Me” singer, pointing out that the picture the company teased shows the celebrity has a heart tattoo on her finger, as well as a red bracelet and nails that are very similar to Grande’s.


“ARIANA HAS THAT LITTLE LOVE HEART TATTOO, THE RED BRACELET THINGY AND ALWAYS HAS WHITE NAILS [sic]” @buteraprecious speculated on Twitter, while @_iprefergrande_ wrote on the social media site, “1st clue : heart shaped tattoo, 2nd clue : dat ring, 3rd clue : kaballah bracelet. yepp…she’s Ariana [sic].”

Grande and Lipsy have both kept mum on the rumors that Ariana is their new collaborator so far, although the fashion company is expected to make the big announcement on February 3.

But if Ariana is, in fact, teaming up with the British company to create her own range of women’s clothing, the project will be just the latest in a string of fashion and beauty ventures Ariana has been a part of in recent months.

Just this past January, Grande unveiled her collaboration with MAC make-up’s Viva Glam campaign, which saw Ariana design her own line of lipsticks and lip glosses to benefit those suffering with HIV and AIDS.

“The most important thing about Viva Glam is that every penny goes to people affected by HIV and AIDS, thanks to the Mac AIDS Fund,” Ariana told Glamour UK last month. “A lot of people in this day and age think that it’s no longer a big deal. But it’s still a humongous problem — there are about 37 million people living with HIV and AIDS in the world.”

“The idea behind the two shades is ‘good girl by day and bad girl by night,'” Ariana continued to the site of her make-up pieces, which includes a matte plum lipstick and a shimmery pink lip gloss. “People are always trying to label me as a good girl or bad girl and I’m like, ‘we all have a naughty side and sweet side’ and I believe we should be able to play up both of them,” Grande teased.

But just because Ariana Grande has been weighing up her options outside of music over the past few weeks, she certainly hasn’t turned her back on her incredibly successful music career.

Grande just took to Instagram on February 1 to tease a snippet of a new song to her more than 58 million followers on the social media site, which is thought will likely be featured on her upcoming album, rumored to be titled Moonlight.

Ariana Grande has kept pretty quiet when it comes to any official details regarding her upcoming release, although excited fans have been speculating that the much-anticipated album may be dropping sooner rather than later.

“Ariana dropped another snippet, her team has heard the new music you know what that means…we’re next! YES [sic],” @ArianatorIsland wrote on the 140-character site, while @agbestvocals tweeted out, “Ariana Grande’s new album is set to be released soon. Its very different from her previous work. Are y’all ready? [sic].”

Do you think Ariana Grande is teaming up with Lipsy London? Are you excited for Ariana’s new album?

[Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images]