Brooks Ayers Says Vicki Gunvalson Dating New Man Gives ‘Accurate Picture’ Of Relationship

Brooks Ayers has been keeping a low profile since The Real Housewives of Orange County came to an end last year. Brooks quickly packed his bags and moved to Florida to start over, leaving Vicki Gunvalson and her family behind to deal with the mess of his cancer stories. She was very adamant that they would never get back together, and she stands by her claims. This week, she hinted that she had been dating a new man by the name of Jack Losey, and Ayers is now reacting to this news.

According to a new tweet, Brooks Ayers claims that this new relationship gives a pretty good idea of how things were with Vicki. Why? Because Gunvalson herself has admitted to meeting Jack in 2011. Why is this important? Brooks and Vicki have been on-and-off for years. Gunvalson hasn’t been completely honest about when she and Brooks started hooking up, as Briana Culberson claims she saw emails between Brooks and her mother while she was still married to Donn.

Either way, Ayers seems happy that Gunvalson shared when she met Jack. She later deleted the Instagram post that showed them together in 2011.

“Yes indeed. Now you’re getting an accurate picture of some of our issues. I’m in a much better place now though!” Brooks Ayers revealed while sharing the news that Vicki may have met Jack while she was “off” with Brooks.

“Your demise was your own doing. I work with cancer patients everyday and you sir are a fake person who demands attention,” one person replied to him, which had Ayers defend himself with, “Sorry you feel that way. You only saw a snapshot of my journey on TV. I have battled cancer on and off for years.”

When asked why he kept talking about this, he revealed, “Because I have been demeaned and belittled enough in the media and social media. Quite simple actually.”

But maybe Ayers shouldn’t be so quick to share how he feels betrayed. During one of their “off” periods, Brooks was the topic of discussion when he supposedly hooked up with a hooker, who was a friend of a friend. And in an explosive interview, he admitted to sleeping with someone else while he was with Gunvalson, according to Radar Online. That didn’t sit well with Gunvalson. While that story may just have been a rumor, it wasn’t like Brooks was sitting waiting for Vicki to come back to him during their off periods. And as Vicki herself explains, she and Jack were just friends.

“TY for the encouragement over the news of my 1st date with Jack. He’s been just a friend for yrs and its been nice getting to know him more,” Vicki revealed on social media last night.

“I adore you Vicki but you don’t need a man to be happy! Fix yourself before jumping on a new man,” one person wrote to her, to which she replied, “I never said I needed a man to be happy. I enjoy being in a relationship. We had date #1 and I’m always trying to ‘fix myself’.”

It seems like Gunvalson is actually enjoying this new relationship, and they are just having fun. More importantly, it seems like Briana is actually enjoying her mother’s new man, and she doesn’t seem too concerned with the possibility that he may be lying about something. As for Ayers, it sounds like he has moved on with his life and is enjoying his time out of the spotlight.

What do you think of Brooks Ayers’ tweet? Do you think he was the victim sometimes in their relationship?

[Image via Instagram]