Grad Student Demands Free Kit Kats For Life After Finding Pack With No Wafers

A grad student in England has demanded free Kit Kats for life after finding a pack that contained no wafers at all. She says that she was severely disappointed, as Nestle have a unique feature.

According to Yahoo News, Saima Ahmad from London, England, bought a pack of eight Kit Kats from her local supermarket. Not just one had been manufactured incorrectly, but all eight only contained chocolate. She was extremely disappointed at the find, and she wants Nestle to apologize for the mistake. She may even take it further.

No wafers Leads To Grad Student Demanding Free KitKats For Life
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This is not the first time people have found Kit Kats without the wafer, something she says is advertised as a unique selling point for chocolate brand. The second-year law student has researched this issue, finding others have had it in the past. Because of this, she says that the company needs to “focus more on the quality of their product.” She even offers to be a quality tester, but that would mean Nestle would supply her with a lifetime supply of the chocolate bars.

The 20-year-old wrote to the company demanding the supply to compensate her for her disappointment. She says that she has been both monetarily and emotionally disadvantaged due to the error. There is a case from the 1930s that allegedly backs up her claim, but she does admit that she is trying her luck. In her letter, Ahmad told Nestle that the manufacturers have a duty of care to its customers, and that duty is consistency in the manufacturing process so the product is not defective.

Kit Kats are not quite as unique as they may once have been. Tunnock’s caramel bars are also made with chocolate and wafers, and they are traditionally larger and thicker than traditional Kit Kats. However, that may not excuse the bars of chocolate that Ahmad received. She made a joke about buying Galaxy if she wanted something that was pure chocolate. Galaxy is made by a rival company of Nestle.

The case has led to various comments on social media. Some members of the public have said that they have also once received a Kit Kat with no wafer, but they refrained from complaining. They put it down to a manufacturing error and enjoyed their chocolate bar. Others have said they have received wrong orders from other companies in the past, but they never took it to the press and never demanded free items for life because of it.

Zap2It previously reported that McDonalds customers were outraged that their mozzarella sticks contained no cheese at all, a vital ingredient for the items. McDonalds did quickly respond to the complaints, as people took to social media to share images of their sticks without the cheese, saying that it is possible the cheese melted out during the cooking process.

Grad Students Wants Free KitKats For Life To Compensate No Wafers
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Ahmad says that a mistake like this is unacceptable from such a large company. Others on social media have agreed with her, saying that there is no excuse for this type of error. Some have suggested she continue her complaint, considering the negative press and impact the chocolate giant has had around the world.

Nestle is still to respond to the complaint. It is possible that it will stick with the customer service level, feeling that a 20-year-old law student would not have the money to fight against a big corporation. It would likely take a class-action lawsuit to see something like this reach court and be successful.

Ahmad is not just stopping at the lifetime supply of Kit Kats, but also wants a full refund for the defective product she bought.

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