Nathan Griffith Threatens Jenelle Evans With Custody Battle, ‘Teen Mom 2’ Stars Feuding Over Kaiser

Nathan Griffith has had enough of Jenelle Evans and her rules for seeing their son, Kaiser. The two broke up last year after trying to make it work for nearly two years. Kaiser was born in 2014, and that added extra strain to their already-dramatic relationship. Griffith would know how to push Evans’ buttons and get a rise out of her. When they decided to call it quits just after Kaiser’s first birthday, Griffith already had another girl. In fact, that news made Evans lose her mind. There was a confrontation, and Evans is now facing assault charges with an upcoming court date for assaulting Griffith’s girlfriend.

Kaiser is spending a lot of time with David Eason, and that angers Nathan Griffith. Jenelle Evans’ new boyfriend has even supervised visits between Griffith and his son. According to Radar Online, Nathan Griffith threatened to take Jenelle Evans to court for custody of Kaiser. It looks like there are several accusations being hurled back and forth, mostly on the account of the other being a bad parent. Eason has inserted himself in between Evans and Griffith, and that seems to be where a lot of the anger is stemming from. Evans reportedly made a list of rules for Griffith to follow if he wanted to see his son. The last time the father and son spent time together was just a few days after Christmas. Since then, Evans has been avoiding Griffith and his requests to see Kaiser.

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Right now, reports have indicated that Nathan Griffith is filming for Teen Mom 2. This isn’t surprising, but it has fans wondering what he is doing if the filming isn’t happening with Kaiser. Griffith also has a daughter with another ex who he is not allowed to see. Jenelle Evans had planned to have a happy family with her boys and Griffith, but it didn’t pan out. Now that she isn’t sulking over Griffith and trying to win him back, she is using Kaiser as a pawn to hurt him. If Griffith is filing paperwork for a custody battle, MTV likely has all the details on film. Fans are waiting to hear what is happening next in this battle between Griffith and Evans.

All of this drama reached an all-time high for Nathan Griffith when Jenelle Evans accused him of stealing her car. While initial reports indicated it was a theft, it turns out that Griffith’s name was on the title alongside Evans’. According to Starcasm, Jenelle Evans called Nathan Griffith out on Twitter for being a thief. The tweets have since been deleted, and her statement amended. Evans did file charges against Griffith for larceny, and there is currently a warrant out for his arrest. All of this will add some unnecessary drama to the custody case, especially if Griffith has been keeping screen grabs of Evans’ behavior on social media.

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Right now, there are no court papers for custody filed by Nathan Griffith. There have been heated texts exchanged between Griffith and Jenelle Evans. Apparently, her boyfriend, David Eason, is more involved in this matter than most significant others would be at this stage. Griffith is filming for Teen Mom 2 now and likely filling in the crew on his plans. Nothing has been leaked to the media other than what was confirmed about threats of a custody battle. Griffith hasn’t seen his son in over a month and is tired of dealing with Evans’ rules. While many may agree that Nathan Griffith isn’t the best person to be taking care of Kaiser alone, he still has visitation rights as the child’s father and should not be denied those.

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