Yolanda Foster’s Required Apology: What It Would Take From The ‘RHOBH’ Ladies

Yolanda Foster may be a full-time housewife on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills this season, but fans see very little of her. These days, Yolanda is spending most of her time in bed, as she is working on gaining back her energy and her strength from various Lyme disease relapses over the past year. And while Foster is fighting the fight of her life, her co-stars are questioning her illness altogether. Foster is very hurt by these allegations.

According to a new Instagram post, Yolanda Foster is now revealing what it would take for her co-stars to apologize to her. On this week’s episode, Yolanda will learn the stories that were going around about her and the Munchausen allegations. Some people actually thought that Foster was making herself sick for attention. So, what would it take for Yolanda to forgive her co-stars for speaking so badly about her?

“Understanding is all we can ask for but the best apology is changed behavior and compassion for all of those afflicted……. #ChronicLymeDiseaseAwareness #ANewEraOfIgnorance #TheInvisible #EducationIsKey We are going to turn this mess into a message,” Yolanda Foster revealed on Instagram, speaking out for everyone who has or is suffering from Lyme disease.

After Yolanda went public with her battle on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, many celebrities are sharing their personal struggles with the disease. Avril Lavigne revealed that she had also struggled with the disease but was getting better. Bella Hadid and Anwar Hadid also shared that they had been diagnosed, which gave Foster a mission in life: to find a cure.

Yolanda is learning about her co-stars’ thoughts and comments as she is watching the show, and she’s shocked at how they are talking behind her back. To her face, they are all asking her how she’s doing and they all seem very supportive. But then behind her back, they are questioning her stories, her Instagram posts, and even her illness.

“Tonight’s show was disheartening. Still, I am the subject of conversation amongst ‘friends.’ Looks like I got out of dodge right on time at that barbecue. The only thing I saw grilling was gossip…I have nothing to prove and know that my journey is public due to the job I’ve chosen as a Housewife, but I can’t accept something so delicate as my children’s health being talked about in such a way. I know I’m not the only mother who would speak to this… It’s one thing when your integrity is doubted, spoken of behind your back, but it strikes another cord when it’s your children,” Yolanda Foster revealed, according to Bravo, after watching last week’s episode of the show.

Foster is often sharing quotes on social media, asking people to not judge her journey as they don’t know what she’s going through. But Yolanda has shared some emotional updates, including her inability to read, write, and even watch television. She suffered a severe relapse last year, and she struggled to come back from that. Rather than offer judgments, Yolanda would prefer her co-stars to be silent.

“I heard the words, morals, and values on tonight’s episode but saw a completely different interpretation of what I think those words mean. I choose to live in the present, because when you suffer from chronic illness, you don’t have a choice,” Foster reveals in her blog, according to Bravo, sharing that she doesn’t judge her co-stars, adding, “That’s how I live my life these days. And in defense of my fellow Housewives, they haven’t walked this path or my journey, so I won’t judge them…”

Do you think Yolanda Foster’s Real Housewives of Beverly Hills co-stars should apologize for their comments?

[Image via Instagram]