NeNe Leakes Reignites Feud With Kenya Moore: ‘Now Twirl On That’

NeNe Leakes decided to return to The Real Housewives of Atlanta this season, even though she had publicly revealed last summer that she would not be returning to the show. At the time, Leakes had plenty of offers lined up, including potential offers to film various reality shows. But many offers fell through, and many wondered if NeNe made the right decision in leaving The Real Housewives of Atlanta behind. But this week, she returned, and it wasn’t completely drama free.

According to a new Instagram post, NeNe Leakes was furious when she learned that Kenya Moore had called her a backstabber behind her back. Of course, Kenya was furious with Leakes’ behavior, and shared her thoughts on how many friendships had been ruined over the years. But NeNe doesn’t see it that way. In fact, she claims that she’s still friends with many of those people. She decided to use her Instagram to share her thoughts about the drama.

“SAY WHAT! YOU CALLING ME A BACKSTABBER?? I don’t address issues usually but this Backstabber comment coming from Miss Twirl herself Kenya Moore must be address NOW!,” NeNe wrote on Instagram after watching Sunday’s episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta.

“I challenge you to ask anyone I have ever been friends with and those I am currently friends with and that includes you asking Kim Zolciak, Sheree Whitfield, and Cynthia Bailey, etc the one thing they will all say about me is that I am a fun girl and I have a heart!” Leakes pointed out, adding, “In order to back stab a person you have to intentionally set out to do harm to someone and that ain’t me! When and if we fall out! I will read you, fall out and move on! You don’t have to worry about me because I’m not worrying about you. With that said, I have been back stabbed by those I loved, cared for and supported! I’am not in the business of harming people and I am not evil. NOW TWIRL ON THAT.”

It is very interesting that NeNe Leakes is using Instagram to share her thoughts about her co-star. As it turns out, NeNe and Kenya Moore had previously made peace. It is no secret that they didn’t get along when they were filming the show together, but Kenya tried to make peace with NeNe. She showed up in New York to support Leakes’ performance on Broadway when she was doing Chicago. While she may not have showed up for Cinderella, it may have been better late than never.

“Well looky looky. Who would have ever thought… Ms Kenya Moore paid me a visit tonight on Broadway! Kenya, I really appreciate your support and the beautiful flowers #ChicagoOnBroadway #NYC #NeNeIsMamaMorton #RHOA,” NeNe Leakes revealed on social media when Kenya showed up to support her in Chicago, according to Starcasm.

Moore hasn’t responded to NeNe Leakes’ lengthy post on social media about the backstabbing. Instead, she merely had a brief comment on Twitter about the show airing on Sunday night on Bravo. It is clear that she may have something in mind for this week, as the feud may heat up. And it sounds like the meeting in New York late last year may be irrelevant for their friendship, as NeNe may have reopened their feud last night with her social media post.

And now that Leakes is back on The Real Housewives of Atlanta, people are slowly changing their minds about Kenya. On her social media feed, many viewers are telling her that she’s acting immature and rude.

Are you surprised that NeNe Leakes is fighting back? Do you agree with NeNe or Kenya Moore?

[Image via Instagram]