Louis Tomlinson Roundup: These Stories Almost Beggar Belief

Louis Tomlinson is undoubtedly one of the most talked about celebrities in the music business. When it comes to 24-year-old One Direction star Louis it seems that no story is too small, insignificant or downright ridiculous to create a headline. Whilst Tomlinson is probably well used to seeing his name in the tabloid gossip columns, there simply must be days where Louis shakes his head, aghast at the latest story about him. In December we saw thousands of stories about Tomlinson and his rumored new squeeze Danielle Campbell.

As we moved into the holiday season Tomlinson’s fans eagerly awaited the photograph of Louis and Danielle kissing and of course that picture eventually emerged.

Of course, many One Direction fans did not believe a single word written about Louis supposed romance with Danielle and it was written off as the latest in a long line of publicity stunts.

As we moved into mid-January speculation began to run rife as to when Tomlinson’s baby would be born. Louis had remained silent about the prospect of fatherhood since making a very brief statement on Good Morning America and many came to believe that the whole story was a fabrication. Instead of reporting on issues of any substance, the tabloids continued to fill column inches by reporting flim-flam as if it were big news.

The Daily Mail ran a major piece on January 17, reporting that Louis had gone to a grocery store with Danielle Campbell. They even ran a series of photographs showing Tomlinson walking across a car park. On January 22, it was announced that Baby Tomlinson had arrived and the next day the Mirror showed that it isn’t just the Mail that can run a ridiculous story. It was reported that Louis had gone shopping for sunglasses whilst wearing a hospital bracelet.

What none of the outlets reporting this huge story mentioned was the fact that Tomlinson’s visit to Sunglass Hut was a clearly staged “pap-walk.” Why were there photographers and cameramen waiting as Louis climbed out of his limo? Seriously Tomlinson must be the first new dad in history to spend the morning after his new-born son arrives shopping for shades.

Over the past weekend, the Daily Mail once again had Louis in its sights. As reported in the Inquisitr yesterday, on this occasion, the fact that Tomlinson had left a hotel carrying a cup of coffee was somehow turned into a headline news story.

Just when you think you have seen it all, the Mail emerges with another huge Tomlinson story.

“Louis Tomlinson’s former flame Briana Jungwirth cuts a stylish figure in wet look leggings as she spends the day with her mother and baby son Freddie.”

Yes, you read that correctly. A new mother spent the day with her newborn baby, who would have thought it. Maybe the Mail expected Briana to leave a 10-day-old baby home alone whilst she went shopping with her mom.

What may of Tomlinson’s fans are asking is why we are currently seeing pictures of Jungwirth emerging on a daily basis. Jungwirth has been virtually invisible since it was announced last July that she was expecting Tomlinson’s child. We saw a couple of fan shots of Jungwirth with Tomlinson’s family at a One Direction gig in London. Aside from that, a couple of shots of Jungwirth leaving a mall are the sum total of the photographs we have seen of her.

Now suddenly Tomlinson’s “former flame” is being photographed every day often carrying a baby seat that looks suspiciously empty.

Louis Tomlinson and his fans must wonder why stories like this are ever printed. Can anyone really think that Tomlinson carrying a cup of coffee or a new mother spending the day with her baby is newsworthy? Of course, actual news about Tomlinson is fairly scarce at present. Tomlinson has avoided discussing the baby issue at all, and strangely, Louis reps have failed to mention the matter. There has been no press statement from Tomlinson’s team, so all we are left with is a couple of social media messages from Louis.

Where a news blackout exists, you can be sure that the tabloids will rush to fill the vacuum with stories, however ridiculous they may be. In the case of Louis Tomlinson, that seems to be what we are seeing at present.

[Photo by John Davisson/Invision/AP]

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