February 2, 2016
TNA News: TNA Issues Statement Over Awesome Kong's Altercation With Reby Sky On UK Tour

In the world of professional wrestling, drama is clearly a big thing. Sometimes the dramatic arts tend to make their way into the locker room with the talent and it is usually never good to see. We always tend to think of women as divas in WWE because that is what they name them, but in TNA that term is by no means an applied thing. They are called Knockouts, whether it is due to their good looks or simply because they can knock you the eff out....it really does not matter. What matters is that the applied drama of what a diva provides is somewhat expected in WWE, but you should not expect it in TNA.

However, that is exactly what we are seeing in TNA Wrestling and it has done nothing but embarrass the company and result in the removal of a talent from their current UK tour. The story goes as such. Reby Sky and Awesome Kong were involved in an altercation before the Impact Wrestling taping at Manchester Arena in Manchester, United Kingdom.

The story from the PWInsider states that Kong got physical with Sky. Apparently, the altercation was so physical that Sky reportedly had marks around her neck where Kong lifted her into the air. What makes it worse is that Reby's husband Matt Hardy and their child were nearby when the altercation took place. Apparently, Kong had issues with Sky dressing in the female locker room, so she tossed her bag outside the room.

Reby then left but had to come back to get the rest of her things, including items for her newborn child, but Kong blocked her from coming in. In anger, Reby called Kong a "f*****g maniac," which of course angered Kong.

Kong Kim
[Image via TNA Wrestling]TNA ended up releasing a statement through John Gaburick, the Executive Vice President of TNA Wrestling. He said the following regarding the issue.
"Prior to the Impact Wrestling TV taping at the Manchester Arena, Kia Stevens was involved in an incident involving Rebecca Hardy. Subsequently, Kia was removed from the tour and returned to the United States. The matter is being reviewed to determine if any additional disciplinary action will be taken."
The two apparently have a history of sorts, but it is not known if the altercation was due to an issue from their past at the beginning, as Kong having issues with Sky dressing up in the locker room clearly meant that she had an issue well before this issue took place. It can most certainly be assumed that the two had an altercation before.

This, of course, was not a wise political move by Awesome Kong as Reby Sky happens to be the TNA World Champion's wife. TNA is trying to get Matt Hardy to stay like his brother, at least for another year. If he felt his wife was in danger at work, there is a thought that he might want to leave the company even if he signed a new deal.

It has been reported that Reby did in fact sign a contract with TNA Wrestling and will be on any episode of Impact Wrestling that her husband is on. There is a thought that if Awesome Kong cannot avoid harming another talent, she very well could get her walking papers from TNA despite being a person who helped to build the original Knockout's Division.

While Kong being back in TNA is of course a good thing for the company, they also have to keep an eye out on potential issues. It seems Reby Sky was the victim in this particular altercation, which is why Kong was sent him over Sky. Plus it seems Kong's issues with Sky are so severe that she cannot avoid hurting her. Whatever the beef is between the two, it will obviously be addressed by TNA. If it were to occur again, someone will end up leaving. With Reby being connected to Matt Hardy, I think we know who will see the street first.

At the end of the day, Kong's temper got her into a bad situation and now TNA is trying to play damage control. It is by no means an easy situation for them or the Hardy family. Sadly, this also means TNA cannot put Reby in a match with Kong on television for fear of public murder. That clearly puts them in a bad way as a good punishment angle would be to have Kong face Reby. Of course TNA might do this just to capitalize on the current online chatter. It worked for Edge and Matt Hardy, so let us see how it all goes down.

[Photo by Bill Haber/AP Images]