Rob Kardashian Sex Tape: Blac Chyna Trying To Capitalize On New Romance, Kris Jenner Furious?

A Rob Kardashian sex tape with Blac Chyna could explode in the porn market, making mega bucks for the rebellious young couple, and a recent offer from Hustler is certainly something for them to consider. We know that Kardashians, wealthy though they may be, often accept money for taking their clothes off. Kim Kardashian’s sex tape with her ex, Ray J, for example, is still raking in a lot of cash. The concept of nudity and sex for money shouldn’t be all that shocking to Rob, or Blac for that matter. As icing on the cake, it will really enrage Rob’s mom, Kris Jenner, who is already allegedly on the warpath because Rob is sleeping with an enemy of her two youngest daughters. Money and ticking off mom? It might be two opportunities wrapped in one that Rob just can’t pass up.

Larry Flint wants a Rob Kardashian sex tape featuring Blac China. TMZrevealed an offer, signed by Larry Flint, representing his company, Hustler. Flint just sent a letter offering the exciting young couple over $1 million to make a sex tape. Flint explains that celebrity sex tapes are quite lucrative, and the demand for them is high. Larry began his pitch by explaining his place in the market of adult videos, and the variety of films Hustler makes.

“As you may know, HUSTLER is the world’s leading provider of adult content, and is one of the most popular consumer brands in the world. We are known around the globe for our top-quality videos in a variety of genres, both hard-core and soft-core.”

The Rob Kardashian sex tape idea must be very important to Flint. He’s working hard to make this deal with Rob and Chyna, and his timing could not be more perfect. After a little bit of flattery, Larry Flint gets to the point and makes a very lucrative offer. His letter is short and to the point, but his pitch is very well crafted. He brags on his brand, flatters the clients, and then makes a good offer. The letter is a classic sales technique. It is a textbook deal closing strategy, really, but with an unusual twist because of the nature of the agreement he seeks. It is obvious Flint really wants to close this deal.

“One movie category upon which we are currently looking to place our focus is celebrity sex tapes. These have proven to be both sought-after and lucrative. Considering your fan base and popular appeal, we think you would be excellent candidates for this type of venture, and believe that, if you make such a video with us, you could earn up to one million dollars or more.”

Blac Chyna
Blac Chyna

What Would A Rob Kardashian Sex Tape Be Like?

Apparently, this would be no home movie. Hustler‘s Larry Flint obviously doesn’t expect the two to film this at home with a tripod camera. They would be making a real porn video together, in the traditional sense. Will a camera crew be all over the pair as they copulate under bright lights? Well, lighting may vary, according to the type of porn they choose to make, but yes, the film would be made in a studio with a camera crew and professional lighting.

Would the Rob Kardashian sex tape be classy softcore or smutty hardcore? The couple’s obvious mutual affection may come into play, supporting some softcore romantic elements. Flint’s film company has a great reputation in the field of celebrity porn. Many Hustler films are full feature-length videos. Some are more tasteful than others, as Flint suggested.

Rob Kardashian (Photo by John Sciulli/Getty Images For City of Hope)

Rob Kardashian Is Loyal To Chyna, Thumbs His Nose At Expanding Family Feud

Rob has shown a very extreme, perhaps unhealthy infatuation with bombshell model Blac Chyna, who is obviously big trouble, or at least his mom seems to think so. He has made it clear his loyalties are to Blac Chyna, no matter what his family thinks. He has sided with Chyna against his half sisters. The romance began despite Chyna’s long standing feud with the Kardashian and Jenner girls. Kylie Jenner is currently dating Chyna’s baby daddy, a.k.a. Tyga. Blac Chyna reportedly didn’t like it when Kylie started dating him, and became angry to the point of threats, arguments, and fighting on social media. The Jenner girls apparently tag teamed the fight against Blac, and some hurtful things were said on both sides.

Rob Kardashian’s sex tape shouldn’t be all that shocking the family though, or out of place. A lot of embarrassing things have happened on both sides in this feud. The feud has deepened as Blac Chyna’s long-time friend, Amber Rose, got into a profanity-laced argument with Kim Kardashian’s husband, Kanye, on Twitter. Kanye had insulted her children in some other Twitter war, and Amber Rose felt she had to defend, though she failed to do so with class. Kanye was ashamed later, and took down his posts.

Family Dirty Tricks Or Scheming Gold Digger?

Provoking a Rob Kardashian sex tape might not be the intent of all their feuding, but it could easily be the result. It sounds like Blac Chyna might make a sex tape with Rob Kardashian just out of spite. Is Chyna using Rob to upset Kylie? Is Kylie using Tyga to get back at Chyna? For whatever reason, the couples seem to be competing to get hot and heavy really fast. Mom’s and sister’s dirty tricks and family drama seem to only accelerate the relationship with Rob and Blac. Khloe threw Rob out of her house after finding Chyna in her kitchen, so Rob moved in with Blac Chyna. Momanager Kris Jenner’s objections only fan the flames of passion, and it seems Rob is more angry than hurt with his family’s disapproval. Overall, most of their plots and feuding only drive Rob closer to Blac.

Following Blac Chyna’s weekend arrest for public intoxication and drug possession at an Austin, Texas, airport, Blac’s mom, Tokyo Toni, is getting involved. Toni has stated, according to Radar Online, that her daughter was arrested as part of a conspiracy cooked up by the Kardashians. It is not inconceivable, but it could also be part of Chyna’s own plan to hook Rob Kardashian and reel him in. No matter the intention, it worked in Blac’s favor, at least as far as getting Rob’s attention. Chyna was apparently out of order. That much was her own doing. She was allegedly loud and rude to airport staff, but at the same time, were airline officials just waiting for her to make a scene, or perhaps provoking her? It is hard to tell.

The Rob Kardashian sex tape could end up just another embarrassing episode, provoked by petty feuds. The sweet revenge must be oh so tempting for Rob and Chyna, considering all the alleged plotting to separate them. Immediately before Rob discovered Blac Chyna had been arrested, his mom, Kris Jenner, reportedly paid him a visit, in Chyna’s own house, while Blac was away. She was presumably desperate to warn her only boy away from Chyna. Of course, once the call from that Texas jail came in, Rob took off in the Bentley on a 19-hour drive to rescue his beloved Blac Chyna, leaving Kris Jenner to stew. Rob went to rescue his lady love from a Texas jail. She had to spend the night in a cell, but that made her all the more thankful for the ride home.

A Rob Kardashian sex tape with Black Chyna would certainly stir up the feud even more, unless they cut Kris in for 10 percent.

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