How Far Does Olivia Caridi Make It With ‘Bachelor’ Ben Higgins? Headed To ‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Next?

The Bachelor contestant Olivia Caridi keeps getting roses from Ben Higgins, but the other girls on the show seem to get offended every time she opens her mouth. The 23-year-old news anchor is confident she will get Ben’s final rose, but her dreams of becoming Mrs. Higgins may be shattered on an upcoming episode.

How long does Olivia Caridi last on the Bachelor and will she head to the franchise’s summer spinoff, Bachelor in Paradise this summer if things don’t work out with Ben? [Spoilers ahead]

Although she’s not exactly a villain, Olivia has been getting bashed on Twitter for her straightforward attitude. She will continue to create a buzz on social media when the next episode airs on Monday night (February 1), but that won’t stop Ben from giving her another rose.

During a preview on last week’s Bachelor Live, Amanda Stanton and several other girls give Olivia the evil eye at the group date after-party. Olivia makes a reference to Teen Mom while Amanda chats about her two young daughters — that doesn’t go over well at all.

Despite what fans are seeing on TV, Ben still has an interest in the Texas beauty. He started the season out by giving her the first impression rose and hasn’t stopped yet, going so far as to give her the group date rose after her Teen Mom comment.

Ben recently explained in his People blog that he doesn’t see everything that viewers see on TV, so he may not be aware of what Olivia is saying and how much she boasts about her connection with Ben during the ITMs.

There’s also a good chance that Olivia is getting a terrible edit, something that’s happened to many contestants on previous seasons of both the Bachelor and the Bachelorette.

That humiliating jump out of the cake scene was so awkward, yet Olivia smiled right through it. And all of her over-the-top ITMs? They appear to be a combination of producer-prompted jibberish and Olivia being…well, Olivia.

According to Sharlene Joynt, who appeared on Bachelor Juan Pablo’s season, the show seems to be going to “great lengths to humiliate her.” Joynt writes a weekly Bachelor recap on Flare and points out that producers may not have given Olivia such a bad edit if she didn’t get the first impression rose. It seemed to make her a good target, hence the mild villain edit.

“I have to wonder what path Olivia’s story might have taken had she not received the double-edged sword that is the First Impression Rose. Might she have been less confident and thus behaved differently, more tentatively? What if her main producer wasn’t on this season? Would she have bonded with and trusted another producer to the same extent, and ultimately made the same detrimental choices?”

Whatever led to the choices producers made when it came to Olivia’s storyline on the Bachelor, she seems to be handling it well on Twitter.

Her confidence about her future with Ben seems to be a bit overplayed and it may not be all her doing. If Reality Steve‘s spoilers are correct, her confidence will be busted in an upcoming episode, leaving her in tears as she is rejected by Ben.

Olivia will get the group date rose in Mexico City (February 1), securing her a spot on the next episode that was filmed in the Bahamas (February 8). Spoilers indicate that she’ll be joined by Leah Block, Caila Quinn,Becca Tilley, JoJo Fletcher, Lauren Bushnell, Amanda Stanton, Lauren Himle, and Emily Ferguson.

Although she received the first impression rose, Olivia has yet to get a one-on-one date with Ben. Her luck won’t change in the Bahamas when she gets the dreaded two-on-one date. Ben is rumored to choose Emily over Olivia — fans will have to see how that plays out on

What’s next for Olivia Caridi? Will she head back to her job as a news anchor or is there more reality TV in her future? Although host Chris Harrison has only confirmed one cast member — Lace Morris — for the upcoming season of Bachelor in Paradise, it won’t come as a big surprise if producers offer Olivia the gig as well. After all, she’s very entertaining and deserves to find love like anyone else.

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