Monique Kitts, Corey Kitts: Sex Between Milkman And Day Care Owner Led To Hubby’s ‘Fatal Attraction’ Murder

Monique Kitts, the woman who hired a man to shoot and kill her husband, Corey Kitts, as he slept in bed, will be the focus of TV One’s Fatal Attraction this Monday. Since the new season began, TV One has riveted its viewers with captivating true-crime stories that have occurred in the African-American community. This week’s case tells the story of a Louisiana woman who wanted to see her husband dead, in order to collect on a large insurance policy. The story is dribbled in sex, lies, and a conspiracy so elaborate that it would leave a loving father ice cold dead. In Monday’s feature episode entitled, “Plot To Kill,” look for commentary from investigators, attorneys, and legal experts. Family members may also participate.

According to WAFB, Monique Kitts’ story broke in 2013, three years after her husband, Corey Kitts, was mysteriously shot and killed in his own home back in July, 2010. The man’s dead body was discovered by his children, who had just arrived home from an outing. Their mother, Monique, also ran up to the master bedroom when the children began screaming. When detectives were dispatched to the scene located at 3120 River Landing Drive in the peaceful, upscale River Land Subdivision in Addis, they found the body of a black male with gunshots wounds to the body. The victim, who was later identified as 40-year old Corey Kitts, was lying in a pool of blood and was pronounced dead at the scene.

Kitts’ family members all gathered at the scene outside the home to try and gain some understanding about what happened. His oldest daughter stated that her father was a good man who loved his children. Residents saw Corey as someone who was hardworking and an upstanding member in the community. What many didn’t know was that Corey Kitts was leading a double life with a slew of women who would become his secret sexual partners.

When investigators unraveled his life, they had as many as six women that could have been possible suspects in his murder. But, there was more. Detectives learned that Monique Kitts was texting a man named David Ray Johnson, a delivery man who transported milk to her daycare. But, police say that milk wasn’t the only thing that Johnson was delivering. Authorities say the day care was used as a back drop for sexual escapades between the two of them. They also had regular sex romps in her home when Corey Kitts was away working.

They say Monique used to be a beautiful woman with a killer body that grew larger over the years. Though still attractive, it was stated that her weight and her hubby’s many affairs played a huge role in the plan to kill him.

Prosecutors alleged in court that Monique Kitts was the sugar mama to David Johnson whom she lavished with large amounts of cash, credit cards, an apartment, and her voluptuous body any time he wanted it. All she wanted in return was for him to kill her husband so that she could get the home and cash in on the insurance policy that was worth over $500,000. David Johnson eventually backed out of the plan but not before he set her up with a friend from Georgia named Karl Howard, who was definitely up for the kill.

With a picture of the layout of the home, provided to him by none other than Monique Kitts, Karl entered the house and fired three shots into Corey’s body. After the murder, he staged the scene to look like a robbery. Police knew early on that the scene was staged but the crime went unsolved for three years before his killers were brought to justice. In the end, both Monique Kitts and Karl Howard were found guilty of murder and sentenced to life in prison, according to MS News Now.

As for Monique and Corey Kitts’ children, they have suffered greatly. And the trauma of seeing him dead had a serious emotional impact on them. His second daughter believes in her mother’s innocence. His oldest daughter inherited his entire estate, and says she misses her dad very much. The crime was dramatized first on Investigation Discovery’s Deadline Crime With Tamron Hall. Don’t miss Monday night’s episode. Tune in at 10/9 central on TV One for the rest of the case. Before the show, read up on two other Fatal Attraction cases, such as the case of Christie Neely and Frances Newton.

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