Ariana Grande Spanked By Madonna Following Justin Bieber Instagram Props

Ariana Grande is feeling the love these days.

Just days after Justin Bieber took to Grande’s Instagram to compliment the 21-year-old pop star, the Queen of pop music herself, Madonna, brought Ariana on stage for a dose of friendly spanking.

Grande made sure to commemorate the moment with several posts to her Instagram, where she captioned the videos and pics with adulation for Madonna.

Ariana thanked Madonna in her photo caption. The photo showed the pair of vixens dancing and straddling each other on stage while a flurry of backup dancers paraded around them.

Another video found Ariana and Madonna walking hand-in-hand toward the video display that featured both artists as they performed mid-song.

Finally, Ariana posted one final message to her Instagram board, commemorating the event forever online.

A noticeably affected Grande covered her face with her hand, overwhelmed by the moment, in the final photo. Fans could tell the guest appearance was something Ariana would forever remember.

It is not the first time Madonna has “passed the torch” so to speak to other up-and-coming female artists. In 2003, Madonna infamously brought Christina Aguilera and Britney Spears on stage at the MTV VMAs for a sultry smooch with both singers. The moment garnered instant buzz before the term “viral video” became commonplace. It also helped solidify Britney and Christina’s presence in the music world. It was seen by many as a way for Madonna to endorse these two artists as legitimate performers alongside the “Material Girl” herself.

More recently, Madonna made it a point to bring new “It Girl” Amy Schumer on stage with her at last year’s concert at MSG, where she dished out her signature spank on the Comedy Central star.

“Amy strolled out onstage to join Madonna, sporting a spaghetti strap black dress and strappy sandals,” the Daily Mail reported. “However, she was quickly turned around and made to lean over as the ‘Material Girl’ hitmaker took a peek at the comedian’s lacy black underwear, and gave her a few cheeky slaps across her derriere. Four backup dancers in tuxedos stood by and cheered as Madonna and Amy joked around together.”

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Meanwhile, Madonna wasn’t the only celebrity to shower Ariana Grande with some love recently. As reported by Hollywood Life, Justin Bieber also got in the act of complementing Ariana Grande, this time via her Instagram account.

In a video Ariana posted on January 20, it appears Bieber took to the comment section to applaud Ariana’s gorgeous photo.

“Damn Ariana, you look so good.”

As reported by Inquisitr, however, not everyone took the compliment in stride. Ricky Alvarez, the backup dancer turned current boyfriend of Grande, took exception with Justin’s compliment of his girlfriend and fired off a rebuttal to the Purpose star.

“Keep looking,” Alvarez retorted, bearing his defensive side toward Bieber. This isn’t the first time Alvarez has been protective of Grande, either. There’s also no word on what Justin’s alleged beau Haily Baldwin had to say about the post.

Ariana Grande, meanwhile, is in the process of rehabbing her image after the famous “Donutgate” scandal rocked her career for a brief time last summer. The pop star damaged her reputation after licking display donuts at a local shop and fat shaming Americans.

Since the incident, she has gone on to repair her rep among her fans. And, it looks like it’s paid off, with both Madonna and Justin Bieber having her back in one form or another.

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