Town Assigns “Easy” Female Parking Because Women Are Bad Drivers, Says Mayor

TRIBERG, Germany – A German mayor of a small Black Forest town is asking for trouble (and perhaps worse, bad press) by pushing an initiative to offer “easy” parking sports for female drivers.

New parking spots in Triberg will be designated either “male” or “female” with the appropriate symbols, but that’s not the only way German natives will be able to find gender-specific parking. The parking spaces that women are allowed to park in will be wider and well-lit, while the spaces for men will be more tightly cramped, near concrete pillars, and only able to be backed-into, reports the Telegraph.

So why the new easy-parking policy? According to Mayor Gallus Strobel, it was the obvious choice – since men are just better drivers than women!

“In the new car park we found that two place were not rectangular, at an angle to the road and placed between walls and pillars; that makes parking difficult so we decided to allocate them to men,” he told a German magazine publication. He also insists that the measure isn’t rooted in sexism, as women are allotted 10 easy parking spots while men get about two, reports Newser. He also noted that he’s sue that there are at least some proficient female drivers, saying they are welcome to try to park in the male-assigned spots if they wish.

The 58-year-old mayor also insists that despite seemingly guaranteed controversy, the easy parking plot has been well received, with negative reaction limited to some “humourless reactions from the political correct” and one enraged female critic, criticizing the mayor for “male pig-headedness.” Strobel also believes that the international attention will be a boon for the small town’s developing businesses.

“I never expected this reaction,” he said. “I’ve been on the phone all day, the TV will come. I am happy, and it looks like we’ve hit a raw nerve in society. It’s been a great marketing gimmick,” continuing, “Women can come here and prove me wrong, and while they’re at it they can see the town’s attractions.”

Well trolled, mayor.