Megyn Kelly Dominates Republican Presidential Debate as Moderator [Watch]

Megyn Kelly has come out of the gate with such a forceful presence in this primary election cycle that her star power and commanding demeanor has shown viewers of Fox News that she has the background, intellect, and professional personality to back up her charge.

In the latest Republican presidential debate, Megyn Kelly was a co-moderator with two other Fox News personalities, Bret Baier and Chris Wallace. Even though the two seated beside Kelly on the moderator's table have plenty of qualifications to back them up, all eyes were on Megyn Kelly during the debate because she managed to do something no one else has been able to do since the primary presidential season has opened up: scare and silence Donald Trump.

As reported by the Washington Post, Megyn Kelly had the spotlight on her, and she came right out with a question for Texas GOP Senator Ted Cruz that addressed the elephant in the room.

"Donald Trump has chosen not to attend this evening's presidential debate," Megyn Kelly said to Cruz. "What message do you think that sends to the voters of Iowa?"

Of course, Megyn Kelly is no fool, and even though she had been engaged in what most have called a one-sided callous feud with Donald Trump, she does not comment on him publicly. Kelly even remains quiet when Trump goes on media shows or on social media websites like Twitter and makes extremely rude and highly offensive remarks about her that attack her female character.

By asking Cruz that question right at the top of the show, Megyn Kelly essentially gave another person a chance to say what she would have liked to have said (presumably) all along. Kelly also knew all to well that Ted Cruz would have gladly taken the bait and weighed in on Trump with that opportunity by really sticking it to the Republican front-runner and gaining some points with Iowa voters.

Here's the thing, though. Kelly might have come out with that calculated opportunity to get a scathing swipe in on Trump, which most would say was long overdue, but she took charge of the debate with seriously hard questions for the rest of the GOP presidential candidate field. Even though her feud with Trump has been well documented by the media, she did not spare anyone else the toughness that she delivered to Trump himself.

That meant Kelly laying into Cruz for his support of a bill and the adding of an amendment to support a path to legalization of undocumented works, but not citizenship.

"Senator [Ted] Cruz, when Senator [Marc] Rubio proposed that bill creating a path to citizenship, you proposed an amendment. It would have allowed for legalization but not citizenship," Kelly said, adding a demanding comment after (presumably) seeing his reaction to her statement, which was off camera. "Yes, it would."

But Kelly continued with that statement to add more color to it before she could get to the question she really wanted to ask.

"Pressed last month on why you [Cruz] supported legalization, you claimed that you didn't. Right? Like you just did," Kelly said, then once again retorted his off-camera look or comment. "Saw that."

The audience really warmed up to Megyn Kelly following that commanding presentation for her question and her "take no prisoners" style of rebuttal for those who denied the facts.

This is one of many examples as to why Megyn Kelly is now the force to be reckoned with when it comes to politics, especially conservative politics. Although Fox News has been universally dismissed by other major news networks and most liberals as a propaganda faction of the Republican Party, it seems as though Megyn Kelly is finally giving them some long overdue credit. At least credit when it comes to her show, The Kelly File.

Even Michael Moore has jumped on the Megyn Kelly bandwagon and came on her show to give her high praise for the way she has handled Donald Trump over the last few months.

[Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images]