Megyn Kelly Quietly Winning Feud With Trump Following Vicious Tweet

Megyn Kelly has been in a one-sided feud with billionaire business mogul and Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump. What started with a simple question at a debate on Fox last fall, Kelly has since gone on to be the ire of Trump’s never ending rage against her.

Now, as reported by People, Trump has even taken another swing at Megyn Kelly by posting a Twitter photo of her while she posed for photographs in GQ.

In the tweet, Trump quoted one of his followers as saying, “And this is the bimbo that’s asking presidential questions?”

Although it does appear as though Trump did not write those words about Kelly himself, he did quote, and by the action of re-posting, endorse the statement.

Kelly has positioned herself as the class act in this one-sided feud by neither responding to Trump’s various statements nor speaking out against the New York real estate mogul.

As a matter of fact, Megyn Kelly went as far as to try to shut down conversation about the feud on her Fox News show, The Kelly File.

When Kelly had notorious left-wing filmmaker Michael Moore on her show this week, he came out singing her praises in regards to the controversy. Kelly had initially brought Moore on the show so he could promote his new documentary, Where to Invade Next.

This was a rare occasion for both Moore and Kelly because he is constantly at odds with the Fox News network in regards to biased reporting and right-wing propaganda, which he routinely accuses the network of.

So in turn, it could not have come as a surprise to Megyn Kelly that Moore was only coming on her show so that he could speak out about the feud between her and Trump. As a matter of fact, some may be able to expertly deduce that Kelly used the filmmaker as a way of fighting back against Trump without actually having to say a word against him. She essentially only had to give Moore a platform to speak his mind on, which was a brilliant idea to start with.

Moore’s appearance on The Kelly File essentially allowed her to swing back at Trump via an avatar to speak the words for her. So who better for Kelly to bring on her show than Moore himself? Of course, he is not a stupid man either, and when he got there, he could not praise Megyn Kelly enough for standing up to Trump for his misogynistic statements against her and other women alike. The two almost seemed smitten with each other when they did the segment on the show.

There is no doubt that Megyn Kelly is the one and only reason that Trump has claimed he is backing out of the debate on Fox, and this is not the first time he has tried to make demands of the networks that host them.

Back during the first Republican presidential debate on Fox, Megyn Kelly asked him about his constant comments in the media and social media that seemed to belittle women and presented unflattering views of celebrity women, such as Rosie O’Donnell.

After the debate was over, Trump took to social media like a firestorm, condemning Kelly for her questions and accusing her of unfairly targeting him on the stage. He also went on a popular media show and claimed that Kelly had “blood coming out of her… wherever.”

His comments were about Megyn Kelly and the question she asked him during the debate, which seemed to insinuate that she was menstruating during the debate.

Megyn Kelly did not respond to those comments, and she has since stayed mostly quiet about Donald Trump, only reporting developing stories in the news.

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