Family Suing Disney, Claims Grandmother Died After Snake Bit Boy At Animal Kingdom

Disney is dealing with another lawsuit, but this one is a bit more complicated and goes down a family line. A family from Alabama plans on suing the company after a snake bit a boy at Disney's Animal Kingdom in Walt Disney World. The family is saying that the snake bite ended up leading to the death of his grandmother.

According to CBS News, the family had been visiting Disney's Animal Kingdom when the boy was bitten by a snake that had fallen out of a tree. The snake then bit the boy, although it was said not to be a very serious injury.

Disney has said that the boy was treated at the park and given a Band-Aid to cover the wound made by the snake. After being treated, the family then returned to the park to go about their day and continue what they were doing.

animal kingdom walt disney world snake bite
[Image via Danny Cox]

WESH is reporting that the family has hired attorney Matt Morgan to represent them and plan to sue Walt Disney World after the grandmother died due to cardiac arrest a short time later. Morgan states that the grandmother saw the snake bite the boy, and it caused her to go into cardiac arrest at a later time.

A spokeswoman for Disney has said that the allegations against them and Disney's Animal Kingdom totally mischaracterize what happened.

Disney has stated that the snake was not one from the park itself and had not escaped from an exhibit of any kind at Animal Kingdom. The snake is said to have been from the wild and not venomous, and that there was not even the need for an ambulance to be called for the grandmother.

animal kingdom disney world lawsuit
[Image via Danny Cox]

Disney is dealing with a number of issues right now other than this snake bite incident.

Recently, they've added a lot of new security measures, including metal detectors and more guards at park entrances. With numerous security breaches and situations around the world, Disney is taking no chances at its theme parks around the globe.

Now, as reported by 10 News, a lawsuit is being brought against Walt Disney World that claims the company worked with outsourcing companies to illegally replace Americans with immigrants in the country on work visas.

The lawsuit claims that Disney took on the services of HCL, the outsourcing company, and others as well to replace 250 tech workers. Their replacements were to be immigrants that could be hired on for less money.

Leo Perrero, who was fired from his IT position at Disney in 2015, states he was forced to train his replacement for months. Perrero says that if he didn't train his replacement, then he would risk the possibility of losing his severance pay.

In the work visa application, it states twice in the subsection titled "working conditions" and in the section labeled "displacement" that this is illegal. It states that U.S. workers cannot and will not be replaced within a company by an immigrant working on a visa.

Disney has already spoken out about this lawsuit and released a statement regarding the situation.

"These lawsuits are based on an unsustainable legal theory and are a wholesale misrepresentation of the facts. Contrary to reports, Ms. Moore was offered another position in the company at comparable pay, and more than 100 of the workers affected by the changes were rehired. Hundreds of employers use the H1B visa program, including the New York Times, whose current CEO is working in the U.S on an H1B visa - a fact that it regularly fails to disclose in its reporting."
Disney has enough on its plate right now, and this new lawsuit about the snake biting the boy at Disney's Animal Kingdom and causing his grandmother to pass away merely adds to it. It doesn't help matters that things are out there now for everyone to see, but it doesn't seem like Disney is just going to let this one get by them.

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