‘The Finest Hours’ Movie Debut: Does Disney Film Sink Or Swim At The Box Office?

The Finest Hours movie is based on a book of the same name and was produced by Disney. Film and books don’t always go together, but Disney’s track record is mostly stellar in this category, leading to great box-office numbers and raving critics time and time again.

But how exactly does the newest Disney film stack up when compared to other films at the box office? A few critics have mostly described their Finest Hours movie-going experience to be lackluster.

Brian Truitt at USA Today had a few words to say about the movie debut.

“The rescue drama The Finest Hours rocks the boat in terms of blizzard-blitzed sea thrills but leaves you cold with its side love story.”

Elaborating more on his stance, Truitt explains, “Hours is at its finest once it gets past the first 20 or so minutes — the opening sequence involving the painfully shy Bernie and love interest Miriam (Holliday Grainger) moves at a tugboat pace, but the action cruises when the Pendleton is disastrously hit by rough weather. The image of a crew member going up top to survey the damage and looking down to see the other side of the ship not there anymore is striking and visceral.”

As mentioned by Truitt, Chris Pine and Casey Affleck star in the Disney film, and both of the leads actually have an interesting connection to each other. Chris Pine is set to star as the love interest in the upcoming Wonder Woman film, and of course, Casey Affleck’s brother, Ben, is set to play Batman in the upcoming movie Batman vs. Superman.

For now, they appear on opposite ends of The Finest Hours. Movie critics elsewhere gave the film positive reviews.

Tasha Robinson at the Verge praised the Disney film, saying, “The Finest Hours is still a much stronger film than the familiar disaster-movie treatment of its trailers suggests. The scenes at sea are riveting and punishing, with the CGI storm providing a convincing chill. The filmmakers also capture the eerie stillness of a big ship’s interior, even under the worst conditions.”

Robinson finished up her review by saying “The Finest Hours is a Walt Disney production, and in its unhurried pacing, wholesome relationships, sentimental journey, and message of uplift, it feels like an old-school throwback to a much earlier age of Disney filmmaking.”

Even though the Finest Hours movie might not be as great as the book, it’s still not getting panned by critics, which definitely makes it a movie debut to go see.

In other movie news, the box office should get dominated this weekend by Dreamwork’s Kung Fu Panda 3, which many experts believe should rake in at least $40 million. The third entry in the popular movie franchise currently holds an 89 percent approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes, making it just as successful as the other entries in the series.

Whether the Finest Hours movie-going experience will be a delight for those who aren’t critics is sure to surface this weekend. Even though it won’t win the box office, the latest Disney film has its heart in the right place with a strong story that’s sure to please audiences everywhere. The Finest Hours movie debuts on January 29 in theaters everywhere.

[Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]