Chicago Bulls Trade Rumors: Pau Gasol, Taj Gibson Mentioned As Trade Deadline Approaches

Chicago Bulls trade rumors about Pau Gasol and Taj Gibson have been quite prevalent this season. It appears that the Bulls trade rumors might not lead to any significant moves, though, as the NBA trade deadline approaches. A report from NBA analyst Marc Stein states that the Bulls may go one step further than simply not trading Gasol. It appears that the Bulls want to also re-sign Gasol during the offseason.

This is a big deal for the Bulls, as it shows the front office is committed to keeping the current roster intact. It follows an earlier report from Stein that shows how much the team needs to hold on to Taj Gibson. Injuries to Joakim Noah and Nikola Mirotic may have forced the team into a corner. This could predict that the roster stays together for a couple more seasons.

Playing in his second season for the Bulls, Pau Gasol is averaging 16.6 points, 10.9 rebounds, 3.1 assists, and 2.1 blocks per game. He is putting up All-Star numbers again, which is why he has been mentioned in Chicago Bulls trade rumors. This could be the final season that Gasol is in Chicago, as he has a player option for the 2016-17 NBA season at just about $7.8 million. He is outplaying his current contract, and it has other NBA teams very interested in acquiring or signing Gasol.

Pau Gasol At Practice
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The Bulls have struggled in recent weeks, losing seven of 10 games and falling to 25-19 on the season. The Bulls are also seven games behind the Cleveland Cavaliers for first place in the Central Division and only one game ahead of the seventh-place Miami Heat in the East. The team could use some help before the NBA trade deadline but may just hold on to the best trading assets (Pau Gasol and Taj Gibson).

There is still a chance that the front office could decide to overhaul the roster, as only one player has a guaranteed contract for the 2017-18 NBA season (Jimmy Butler). This season could be the chance for the team to make some big moves, which is why so many Chicago Bulls trade rumors have come up recently. Pau Gasol and Taj Gibson could certainly bring back several young assets or good future draft picks, but the team would also be sacrificing short-term success in that scenario.

A number of winnable games are coming up on the schedule for the Bulls on a road trip out West. The team plays against the LA Lakers, LA Clippers (without Blake Griffin), Utah Jazz, Sacramento Kings, Denver Nuggets, Minnesota Timberwolves, and Charlotte Hornets. Those games give the team a real shot to move up the Eastern Conference standings, as they only play one team with a record over .500 in the next three weeks. It could also dictate whether the team is active before the NBA trade deadline.

Pau Gasol In PreGame
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With an easier part of the NBA schedule coming up for the Bulls and no incentive to part with Pau Gasol or Taj Gibson, the front office may be content keeping the roster intact for the rest of the year. Although there could be more Chicago Bulls trade rumors as players become available before the deadline, it appears as though the Bulls will stay the course and try to re-sign Gasol again in the offseason.

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