Charlie Sheen’s Daughters Heard About Their Dad’s HIV Status At School

Charlie Sheen told the world he was HIV positive in an exclusive interview on the Today show last November.

However, even though the world knew, Charlie Sheen’s daughters – Sam, aged 11, and Lola, aged 10 – did not know. Page Six reports a source revealed that when Sheen broke the news publicly, his ex-wife Denise Richards wasn’t even aware of his plans to go public.

“When the HIV news came out, Charlie never told them. It broke when they were at school and Denise [Richards] didn’t even have a heads-up about it. She had to explain that issue much earlier than she anticipated.”

In addition to finding out about their dad’s HIV positive status via the media, Charlie Sheen’s daughters have had to deal with erratic behavior from their dad in the past, behavior that has caused them to be rejected from 10 private schools.

“They applied to 10 schools and weren’t accepted to any of them. The schools were concerned after the situation with Viewpoint. They didn’t want to take the risk and have something about their school in the media or if he were to lash out at another child. The rejection was hard because they feel like they did something wrong. Charlie explained to them the reason they couldn’t get in was because of him.”

Richards has also filed a lawsuit against Charlie Sheen. The lawsuit for $1.2 million is based on allegations that Sheen has not provided all of the support for their daughters that had he committed to. TMZ reports that legal documents that were filed with the lawsuit include evidence of Charlie Sheen’s hostile and aggressive behavior.

However, Sheen’s lawyer, Marty Singer, spoke out, saying that Sheen has already paid Richards close to $20 million, including $660,000 every year for the last nine years to help support his children.

“In addition to what Charlie has been paying Denise, he also pays for school, all expenses and it’s still not enough for her. He intends to fight this and believes he will prevail.”

People reports that Richards’ lawyer, Patty Glaser, has responded to Charlie Sheen’s lawyer‘s comments.

“Not only are Mr. Singer’s comments about Ms. Richards blatantly inaccurate, they’re also inappropriate, and unprofessional. Ms. Richards is doing everything she can to protect her children from the fallout of Mr. Sheen’s erratic lifestyle and its enormously negative impact on their children.”

Singer responded on Saturday, saying that Richards is being greedy.

“Denise is simply being greedy. I’m not going to stoop to Patty Glaser’s level by attacking her personally, though it’s ironic that she would comment on Charlie’s lifestyle considering that it was her client who wanted to marry him. And, as a result of that marriage, Denise became a very rich woman. I’ve been representing Charlie for more than 20 years. Patty is just the latest in a long string of lawyers who Denise has hired to squeeze as much money as she can out of Charlie. This motion has nothing do with their children. Denise is simply being greedy. She isn’t satisfied receiving $55,000 per month tax free – more than what 99% of the people in the world make. Now, she’s asking Charlie to pay her more money so she can buy a second home because one $7 million home isn’t enough for her.”

Despite all of this, Charlie Sheen has been keeping busy and working to take care of himself. He appeared on the tribute to director James Burrows, which aired on NBC on January 20, and Sheen also announced on Twitter that he is trying a social media experiment.

He even has an Instagram account.

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