New Pets, A Black Bear Mount Added To ‘The Elder Scrolls Online’ Crown Store In February

Whether a member of the Daggerfall Covenant, the Ebonheart Pact, and the Aldmeri Dominion, nearly all players in The Elder Scrolls Online enjoy a vanity item every once in a while. Although some of those items can be earned within the game, several sweet companions, sturdy mounts, or new outfits can be purchased from the Crown Store. In February, three new pets, one new mount, and one new outfit will be available in the Crown Store.

Starting on February 4, players will find new items in The Elder Scrolls Online Crown Store. Two of the new pets and the outfit will be available starting early on in the month. Later, on February 18, the mount and the other pet will be available for a limited time. Items that come to the store on that date will leave the store on February 22, according to the official preview.

The first new items coming to the Crown Store are the Psijic Domino Pig, the Fiendroth, and the “Song of the Night” Ensemble. The pet pig is a black and white companion seemingly unstartled by magic. This particular breed comes from the Isle of Artaeum and can learn its own name making it the perfect friend for nearly any player. The Fiendroth, on the other hand, might not appeal to as many players. This pet, a Daedric bug, is an armored and venomous playmate. Supposedly, it is friendly in its own way, but only the brave will want this companion following them everywhere.

On February 4, The Elder Scrolls Online players will also find a new costume in the Crown Store in addition to the previously mentioned pets. The “Song of the Night” Ensemble is the Redguard female formal wear common for their native area. Characters of both sexes will look dashing in the veiled outfit with plunging neckline and exposed midriff.

The Elder Scrolls Online
The Fiendroth companion pet in The Elder Scrolls Online [Image via Bethesda]

The limited-time items coming to the Crown Store on February 18 include two bear friends. The Black Bear Cub and the Black Bear mount will only be available for a week so interested players need to pick these furry friends up right away. Like all non-combat companions, the Black Bear Cub will follow any player safely around Tamriel without any fear of the dangers that lurk around every corner. Players looking for even more bear assistance can purchase the Black Bear mount. This fellow is not just for Nords, the Black Bear mount is common in Cyrodiil and it is known as a warrior’s mount in Skyrim. Again, the two bear companions coming to the Crown Store will only be available until February 22. All the upcoming items in the Crown Store will be obtainable across all platforms, PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One, on the specified dates.

The Elder Scrolls Online
The Black Bear Cub pet available for a limited time [Image via Bethesda]

Regular Crown Store updates are not the only downloadable content for The Elder Scrolls Online either. At least two major pieces of DLC or expansions are expected to release in 2016. As The Inquisitr reported, the Thieves Guild DLC is scheduled to release in the first quarter of this year. The purchase of the Thieves Guild DLC will let players finally join the iconic Thieves Guild in addition to adding new story content. A new area in the southern area of Hammerfell called Hew’s Bane is home to the Thieves Guild headquarters, Abah’s Landing, and players can participate in new criminal activity when the DLC releases. Be sure to check out the Thieves Guild teaser trailer below.

Like other pieces of DLC like the Imperial City and Orsinium, players that subscribe to The Elder Scrolls Online will receive the Thieves Guild DLC for free while they are subscribed. Players can also opt to buy the downloadable content for a fee yet to be announced. This will give players access to the Thieves Guild content regardless of subscription status. Subscribing to The Elder Scrolls Online comes with other benefits like bonus experience, bonus gold, and a stipend of Crowns for use in the Crown Store. The stipend is especially nice because players receive the full $15 subscription price back in the amount of 1,500 Crowns. The stipend of Crowns is delivered immediately when a subscription begins even if the subscription is for a multi-month period according to the official site.

[Image via Bethesda]