Louis Tomlinson Demanded DNA Test On Newborn Son?

Is Louis Tomlinson having baby mama drama already? The One Direction singer allegedly demanded that a DNA paternity test be done on he and his newborn son with Briana Jungwirth to determine once and for all if he is the biological father of the little boy.

According to Hollywood Life, Louis Tomlinson was a bit skeptical about whether or not Briana Jungwirth’s baby boy was actually his own son. The two announced the pregnancy news over the summer to shocked One Direction fans, who were more than a bit confused about when Louis and Briana hadn’t confirmed a relationship yet, let alone conceived a baby together. However, the test results are in, and Maury Povich would be proud, as Louis is the father!

“Louis had the test done as soon as the baby was born. He wanted proof the baby was his,” a source explained. The reports also suggests that Briana may have been dating someone else at the time that she got pregnant, which could have been a big reason why Louis Tomlinson wanted to be one hundred percent sure the newborn baby boy was, in fact, his own.

One Direction singer Louis Tomlinson IS the father of Briana Jungwirth's baby, tests confirm.
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The report also claims that Briana was dating someone else at the time she got pregnant, which could have been another reason Louis needed confirmation that her son was, in fact, his son.

Meanwhile, the DNA paternity test may have just been to ease Louis Tomlinson’s mind, because sources claim that the baby boy looks just like his daddy, and that the One Direction singer is planning on be a very involved father to his new little boy.

“Louis’ son looks just like him. He is a spitting image of his dad. Louis is beyond excited about being a dad and wants to spend as much time as possible with Briana and his son.”

Louis Tomlinson and Briana Jungwirth were spotted out together on Wednesday with their new little bundle of joy in tow. Sadly, fans did not get to see a glimpse of the baby boy’s face, which is said to look like Louis’. However, One Direction fans are eagerly awaiting the first look at the baby. In the meantime, everyone is dying to know what the One Direction baby’s name is.

According to the Sun, Louis Tomlinson and Briana Jungwirth have yet to officially file the birth certificate for their newborn baby boy, but have allegedly decided on the name Sydney Rain. However, it is yet to be known whether the child’s last name will be Tomlinson like his father, or if he’ll be given Briana’s surname, Jungwirth.

One Direction: Louis Tomlinson is a father.
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Another big issue that Louis Tomlinson and Briana Jungwirth will need to work out will be custody. The pair are not a couple, and fans aren’t even sure if their relationship was more than a fling. However, they now have a child, and Louis is said to want to be very hands-on with the baby boy. Since One Direction is currently on an 18-month hiatus, it seems he’ll have plenty of time to juggle his role as a new father.

As for Louis’ love life, although he and Briana are not together despite welcoming their child together on January 23, Tomlinson is said to be dating Disney star Danielle Campbell, who currently stars on the CW TV series The Originals. All the while, Louis is allegedly setting up Briana and their baby in a modest house and paying expenses for his new little family.

What are your thoughts on One Direction singer Louis Tomlinson having a DNA test done on his baby boy?

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