Cotswolds Model Liz Hurley Reveals Interest In Dating Younger Men

Model and actress Liz Hurley has revealed her interest in dating younger men and said that she would like an 18-year-old toyboy next.

Fifty-year-old star Liz moved to Donnington Hall after selling her Cotswolds farm and was previously engaged to Australian cricket maestro Shane Warne.

Liz, who has been associated with cosmetic company Estee Lauder, told the Mail on Sunday that she is single for the first time in more than 30 years. Currently living with her son Damian at 13-bedroom Donnington Hall, Hurley says that she has moved on from the relationship with U.S. tycoon Steve Bing and is ready to meet someone younger than her.

“Up to a year ago, I was a serial dater,” says Liz, who was in a long-term relationship with Hugh Grant until 2000. “In fact, since I was 17 I’ve always been with someone.”

“You can’t date me and expect me to have the same past as a 24-year-old. Most people I meet also have ex-girlfriends, ex-wives and children. You have to accept that, or start dating men in their 20s, which is absurd,” Liz added. “Though I tell you, Joan Collins is married to a fabulous man 32 years younger than her. In which case, I can date an 18-year-old… anything goes.”

Despite being single, Liz also said that she is close to all of her exes. She ended a 13-year relationship with Hugh Grant in 2000 and had a son with American businessman Steve Bing before separating to marry Indian businessman Arun Nayar. She divorced in 2011 and was engaged to Shane Warne only to separate again in 2013.

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Hurley also discussed the chances of rekindling the romance with her previous partner, Shane Warne and said, “Never say never. But no, I think we are both set on our new courses in life.

“I got on with him incredibly well. I am far more similar to Shane than the other big loves of my life. We were extremely comfortable with each other.

“We were both in the public eye. I mean in his field he was more successful than me because he was an absolute superstar. But I have never had a day off sick in my entire life, and it’s the same with him.

“You can’t not play for Australia because you have a headache, forget about it. Sports is a sort of show business. It’s your son’s birthday but you have to get on a flight to Bombay. So you go.”

Liz Hurley currently enjoys her single life and is estimated to have a net worth of $35 million. She sold her home in the beautiful Cotswolds last year for £9 million – triple the price she bought it for 13 years ago.

Hurley rose to prominence as an actress and became an overnight sensation when she appeared at the premiere of Four Weddings and A Funeral in 1994 wearing a Versace evening gown.

Currently starring as Queen Helena in the U.S. drama The Royals, Hurley said that her career would take a different turn if she was more demure for the event.

“One of my favourite concepts in life is that of sliding doors,” she told the Mail on Sunday’s You Magazine.

“It is interesting to think about the better or worse outcomes had you not had that particular moment. From an acting point of view, who knows? I guess it could have been different. Perhaps I could have joined the National Theatre and become a much more worthy actress,” she added.

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