$3.2 Million Lake Tahoe Yacht Sinks In Marina

A three-story high, $3.2 million yacht is sitting at the bottom of Lake Tahoe. The Sierra Rose sunk late on Sunday night and is now partially submerged at the bottom of the South Lake Tahoe marina.

It’s unclear what caused the Lake Tahoe yacht to sink.

The Associated Press reports that witnesses heard the sound of metal tearing and someone screaming “oh no!” before the yacht started to sink. It took a few hours for the boat to sink and no one was injured during the incident. According to one witness, there were about a dozen people on the boat at the time of the accident.

According to the Tahoe Daily Tribune, Mike Stewart, the owner of the ship, was driving the boat the night the yacht sank.

ABC News reports that the Lake Tahoe Yacht is partially submerged at the South Lake Tahoe Marina. A private contractor will remove the yacht in the next few days.

The Sierra Rose was billed as the largest non-commercial boat on the Utah Lake. The boat featured its own helicopter pad, remote-controlled fireplaces, a spa, mahogany floors, big screen TVs, and custom crystal china. Passengers could rent the Sierra Rose for about $2000 a night.

But the boat’s impressive amenities didn’t impress everyone.

Ron Parker, the front desk clerk for the Tahoe Keys Property Association, said:

“It’s the ugliest thing I’ve ever seen. My idea is it was so ugly someone had to sink it.”

The ship, which has a 650 gallon tank, is not leaking at the moment. Authorities have placed a boom around the boat to make sure that Lake Tahoe isn’t contaminated with excess gas and oil.