Reversible Sequin Dress Captivates Internet – Gets 374,000 Views In 11 Hours [GIF]

First, there were the reversible sequin pillows that gained 28 million views on Facebook in 48 hours, as reported by the Inquisitr. Now the below photo, a GIF actually, has commanded 374,000 views on Imgur in 11 hours. In the GIF, a woman’s hand can be seen rubbing the top to a sheath dress, with the sequins showing up when she rubs her fingers in a downward motion, appearing to show off a gold hue. Rubbing the reversible sequin dress in an upward motion brings it back to the beige, more staid side of things.


Such a reversible sequin dress would indeed be a hit, because one could conceivably wear the non-sequin side of the dress during the day — in a more conservative environment. Then, when it’s time to “turn up” with after-work activities when planning to go somewhere a little fancier or “turnt up,” as they say, the sequins could come out to play.

Either way, such a reversible sequin dress would be such a conversation piece that one couldn’t help but rub their fingers along the clothing all day long, or have others do the same — just to see their wild reactions. Doing so could bring some unwanted attention to the wearer, or delightful conversations all the same.

The fascination with reversible sequins seems to be making its way from pillows to clothing and beyond, although it isn’t known how comfortable reversible sequins would be to wear all day. Nor how such fare would have to be laundered or dry-cleaned. Reversible sequins would indeed be an epic conversation piece, as witnessed by all the attention the reversible sequined stuff is getting online.

As pointed out by one person commenting on the viral Imgur post, the reversible sequin shirt shown in the GIF is actually a Vince Camuto Cap-Sleeve Reversible Sequin Sheath dress, which has 2 reviews on Macy’s website as of this writing, and goes for a whopping $188.00 right now.

Some of the best comments about the reversible sequin dress are flowing into the Imgur post, with the top-rated comment making a reference to the gold-white versus black-blue dress controversy last year.

“Does it come in any other colors besides blue?”

Since the reversible sequin “Mermaid Pillow” took over the Internet, as reported by Today, will the reversible sequin dress take over the interwebs, too? Imagine the possibilities of writing on the shirt-dress just like people wrote on the mermaid pillows. And what’s up with reversible sequins, anyway? Why are they so popular nowadays?

Turns out the ASOS Reversible Sequin T-shirt Dress is out of stock.

There are reversible sequin items on Amazon, but they are mostly pillows, not clothes.

Google Shopping displays more reversible sequin items, from pillows to aprons to dresses on eBay and Etsy and more. There’s a Forever 21 two-tone sequin tank top that might change from black to gold. It seems retailers need to create viral GIFs as well done as the viral Imgur GIF above (complete with that totally stunned-looking owl) in order to get customers to understand the power of reversible sequins on everything they wear and have in their homes.

Meanwhile, the comments keep rolling into Imgur about the fascinating shirt-dress.

“YIKES! I found the shirt. It’s actually a dress… & it’s $188 ‘Vince Camuto Cap-Sleeve Reversible Sequin Sheath’ from MACY’s.”

“What would be even cooler is to have the flattened shirt be white and the shiny part be blood red. Then play Wolverine all day.”

“I just want an entire wall covered in that fabric.”

Mermaid Pillows Madness: Reversible Sequin ‘Mermaid’ Pillows Get 28 Million Views In 48 Hours On Facebook [Video]

Apparently, sequins will always serve to fascinate, like the above photo of Marilyn Monroe’s “Happy Birthday, Mr. President” dress with sequins.

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