Is Kendall Jenner Dating Harry Styles? Following Cheating Rumors, A Source Claims He’s Planning To Honor ‘KUWTK’ Star With A Tattoo

Is Kendall Jenner finally ready to go public with Harry Styles? While the couple appeared quite cozy on a yacht together weeks ago, Kendall Jenner is currently focused on her career, and that may mean she’s distancing herself from Styles and any other potential suitors, including Cristiano Ronaldo, especially in the wake of new reports alleging Styles recently engaged in a sleep-over with a woman who was not Kendall Jenner.

On January 24, a source told the Sun, via Hollywood Life, that fashion stylist Pandora Lennard, 27, was seen at the London home of Styles on the evening of Saturday, January 16, and didn’t leave until the following day at noon. In photos shared by the Sun, Lennard was snapped walking out of Styles home wearing a long coat with fur around the neck with bags around her eyes, suggesting she and Styles may have had a late night together.

“Everyone knew they were attracted to each other and they have been pals for a while,” a source told the Sun after the photos were released. “But we didn’t think anything would happen as Harry and [Kendall Jenner] are officially an item. This is gobsmacking.”

While Kendall Jenner and Styles appeared to be all but done after the photos of Lennard hit the web, a report on January 26 claimed Styles was actually planning to take their relationship to the next level by getting a meaningful tattoo honoring the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star.

“Harry is seriously thinking of getting a tattoo in honour of [Kendall Jenner],” a source told Ace Showbiz, according to an OK! Magazine report. “It wouldn’t be her face or name or anything like that, but something that is meaningful for the both of them. Something that shows Kendall how special she is to him. Kendall is of course completely flattered.”

Although it is certainly possible that Kendall Jenner and Styles are still an item, despite the shocking claims and damning photos, they haven’t been seen together publicly in several days, and another report claims their latest outing ended in a fight. Last week, according to Hollywood Life, Kendall Jenner and Styles attended a party in Los Angeles for Jeff Azoff, but rather than come and leave together, the couple made their exits solo. In fact, a source claimed Kendall Jenner left the bash after spending just one hour inside.

“Kendall Jenner and Harry spoke at the event and were civil to each other,” the Sun reported several days ago, via Hollywood Life. “They had a conversation at the bar and were not sat miles apart from each other. Kendall arrived 20 minutes after him, but didn’t stay for long.”

Since gaining fame as a child on Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Kendall Jenner has made it a point to keep her love life private, so, when fans saw that she and Styles were holding one another and getting close with photographers snapping away, they were lead to believe a long-term relationship could be in their future. However, at this point it is unclear what their relationship status is, and if Kendall Jenner goes back to her old ways of hiding her love life, fans may not soon find out.

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