Candace Cameron Talks About ‘Fuller House’

Candace Cameron played DJ Tanner on the ’90s television show Full House. This coming February, Netflix is premiering a spin-off of the show called Fuller House. Candace Cameron will be playing the role of DJ Tanner once again, but this time she has three boys she is raising. In this spin off, DJ Tanner, Stephanie Tanner, and Kimmy Gibbler are living together and raising DJ’s three boys. With the exception of Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, the entire cast from the first show Full House will be in the spin-off. The Olsen twins decided not to do the reunion with the rest of the crew, and the creators had to come up with a way to explain their absences. After some brainstorming, they decided to tell “the truth.” Just like the real-life Olsen twins, we will find out in the first episode that Michelle Tanner is running a fashion empire in New York. This not only explains why Michelle is missing from the show, but also why the Olsen twins chose not to be a part of the new show.

The actors stayed close after "Full House" ended (Photo by: Chris Pizzello/Invision/AP images)
The actors stayed close after Full House ended
(Photo by: Chris Pizzello/Invision/AP images)

Candace Cameron spoke to In Style about Fuller House and expressed how excited she was to be back on the set of the old show. Not only will the “family” be back on the screen, but so will some old flames, including Steve – DJ’s high school sweetheart. In the new series, DJ is a widow with two little boys and a new baby. In the show she will be living with her younger sister (Stephanie), best friend (Kimmy), and Kimmy’s daughter. While they try to maneuver through life and the challenges of a large family, the girls will also be dating and exploring the world of parenting, just as Danny Tanner, Jesse, and Joey did in the original Full House. The new show is not only a continuation of the old Full House; the show is very similar to the original but with a few tweaks. Now that the girls are grown and Danny Tanner is a grandfather, things are changing. There will be new lessons to be learned for the teens of today through the Tanner family’s decisions and mistakes.

The creators and actors of the new series were asked if they would address same sex-marriage according to Zap 2 It. The creator of the show explained that while they do not plan on specifically dealing with this issue, three adult women raising children together gives the viewers an understanding of what that type of situation might be like. In the Full House series, three adult men raised three little girls, and as reruns play on Nickelodeon, many children see this. Parents say it does help them understand homosexuality and same-sex marriage. While the first series (Full House) was about three men who were raising three young girls, it did not address same-sex marriage. Still, it does impact the children who watch the show. Children hear about kids having two dads and think about the Tanner family and have an easier time accepting the different situation.

The actors are like family on and off set. (Photo by: Dan Steinberg/Invision for Starlight Children's Foundation/AP Images)
The actors are like family on and off set.
(Photo by: Dan Steinberg/Invision for Starlight Children’s Foundation/AP Images)

This is a subject that Candace Cameron is asked about a lot because she is a Christian. It may come as a surprise to learn that she seems to approve of the idea in the television show, according to Advocate. Cameron says that she is all for the characters exploring current social issues in the show, and that it’s a part of life. However, in the real world she is a religious freedom defender and stands for her religion in every way.

Candace Cameron is excited for the premier of the new show and she’s not the only one. With the premiere being only a month away, Netflix users are also enthusiastically anticipating the upcoming show!

(Photo by: Eric Charbonneau/Invision for Netflix/AP Images)

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