Save Lennox Campaign Fails, 7-Year-Old Dog Put to Sleep After Massive Online Outcry

If you’ve any dog lovers on your social media friends lists, the words “Save Lennox” have probably popped up in your feed in the last week or so as animal advocates tried desperately to save the life of the “pug-nosed” pup on death row in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

The “Save Lennox” campaign, however, would tug at the heartstrings of even cat servants the world over, as the labrador/bulldog cross-breed pup had been seized not for a violent or scary act — he’d just been taken into custody from his loving family due to something called the “Dangerous Dogs Act.”

And a Facebook page set up to organize action for Lennox was updated late last night by the puppy’s family, who seemed to lose all hope that even the hundred thousand voices calling for clemency in their beloved pet’s case would have any sway at all in saving him.

Last night, the “Save Lennox” Facebook page was updated to indicate that not only was the family set to imminently lose their innocent dog, but also that the officials who’d decided to put him down refused the family a final visit with the condemned canine:

“We would like to take this opportunity to thank you all again for your messages of support. We are sorry to say at the present time Belfast city council seem to be intent on killing our boy.”

lennox dog killed

“Despite previous assurances otherwise, we have been denied the opportunity to say goodbye. We have also been told that we cannot collect his body and bring Len home. We have been informed however that we will receive ‘some’ ashes in the mail.”

Officials in Belfast, however, say Lennox was not as angelic as his owners made him out to be, and that despite offers to adopt the beloved pet from around the world, destroying him was the only way forward:

“The people looking after Lennox for the past two years said that one minute the dog was placid and friendly and the next he would try to get through the fence to get at you.

“Now do we release that dog into society? We have a duty of care to people.”

During the “Save Lennox” campaign, officials say that they have been subject to harassment and death threats by angry dog advocates locally and worldwide.