Farrah Abraham Goes Off On Her Dad In New ‘Teen Mom OG’ Sneak Peek

Farrah Abraham is never content with anything her parents do. Since Teen Mom OG resumed airing, she has been completely disrespectful to her mother, Debra. As it turns out, Abraham will also be confronting her father, Michael. There has been a strained relationship between Abraham and her parents, but the conversations between them have gotten increasingly more hateful as the seasons have progressed. The issues Abraham has with her parents are deep, and some of them were addressed when she appeared on Couples Therapy on VH1.

In the latest sneak peek of Teen Mom OG, Farrah Abraham is going off on her father. When the season began, she was contemplating who would watch Sophia while she was on a business trip. Fans watched as Abraham belittled Debra, calling her “stupid” and blatantly calling her a nanny. It was hard to watch, but this may be even harder. According to Us Weekly, Farrah Abraham will be accusing her father of planning some “s***y s***” regarding watching Sophia. His response to his daughter is worth the watch. Sometimes Abraham’s accusations just don’t make sense, and this time she isn’t winning any favors with her parents.

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A lot of the issues with Farrah Abraham stem back to her childhood. She has never come out and admitted anything upfront, but she has alluded to abuse at the hands of her parents. Several Teen Mom OG fans have called Abraham out regarding her behavior, but she never owns it. In fact, Nicki Minaj actually took a jab at the reality star on Twitter recently. Abraham hit back hard, including using a video of her daughter calling Minaj a “loser.” The chaos that has ensued from the way Abraham is acting on this season of Teen Mom OG is astounding. Social media is full of comments and memes regarding the situation, making it a bit of a laughing matter.

It appears that things have calmed down for Farrah Abraham since filming wrapped, though. Just a few days ago, fellow Teen Mom OG star Maci Bookout became engaged. Abraham and Bookout were famous frenemies, but that all changed. After the excitement happened during the taping of the Teen Mom OG reunion, Abraham reached out and congratulated Bookout. It was quite shocking to fans, and it’s one of the most adult things Abraham has done in recent weeks.

7 Ways To Explain Death To A Grieving Child During tonight's 'Teen Mom OG' episode, Farrah comforted her daughter Sophia when the duo visited Derek's grave. by jordana ossad Through the years, Farrah has openly mourned the loss of Derek (her late boyfriend and the father of Sophia) and worked tirelessly to keep his memory alive for herself and their little girl. During tonight’s heartbreaking episode of “Teen Mom OG,” the mother-daughter duo visited his grave during a visit to Missouri — but when they were en route to the cemetery, Sophia repeatedly uttered a difficult-to-hear statement. Specifically, she implied that she wanted to be with her father, which understandably made Farrah very upset. “It makes Mommy sad,” the 24-year-old stated as she wiped away her tears. “When you say you want to die to see him, it really makes Mommy sad. Do you know it hurts Mommy when you say those things?” While Sophia never knew her “daddy Derek,” it’s evident that she feels an immense amount of sorrow for him and misses him tremendously — and it’s imperative to give Sophia’s comments during the car ride a bit of context. “The important thing to remember is that, at any age, there isn’t a single, normal way to grieve,” says Courtney Knowles, a spokesperson for The Jed Foundation, a national nonprofit that promotes emotional health among teens and young adults. “Like any difficult emotional challenge, it’s important not to push those reactions and feelings down, but to communicate openly and create the support system and plan that leads to acceptance and healing.” Meanwhile, The Moyer Foundation — whose mission is to provide comfort, hope and healing to children affected by loss or addiction — explains that grief is a natural and normal response to death. Grief is comprised of many different emotions, thoughts and behaviors and is a lifelong process — and childhood grief is more common than most people realize. A few key stats to keep in mind, provided to MTV News by the nonprofit organization: 1. One in seven American children will experience the death of a parent or sibling before the age of 20. (Statistics from Greenwald & Associates for New York Life Foundation a

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Despite having some good moments, Farrah Abraham is still struggling with keeping her anger in check. Her outbursts towards her parents often come out at the most inappropriate times. According to SheKnows, Farrah Abraham snapped at Michael in front of Sophia. Not only has Abraham’s daughter witnessed how she treated Debra, but also Michael as well. Many fans have commented about how Abraham is going to allow Sophia to follow in her footsteps with the treatment of parental figures. It will only be a few more years before she feels the wrath of a preteen, and it likely won’t be pretty.

Because Farrah Abraham has lived a life that is complicated, it isn’t shocking that parenting isn’t coming as easy for her. When she talked about the relationship she had with Debra during Couples Therapy, it was clear that something bad had happened between them. The reason behind the issues was never addressed, although abuse was inferred. Abraham is incredibly private with her life when it comes to anything that occurred before taping 16 & Pregnant. With a history of something happening at home, it makes sense that Abraham would be more protective of leaving Sophia with her parents. On the other hand, if Farrah Abraham really had such a terrible childhood, why would she consider leaving her daughter with Debra or Michael?

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