How Vicki Gunvalson Is Still Grieving And Dealing With The Loss Of Her Mother

Vicki Gunvalson is still trying to move on from the drama that happened on the previous season of The Real Housewives of Orange County. Gunvalson’s mother passed away early in the season, a loss that completely rocked her world. After losing her mother, Vicki got caught up in Brooks Ayers’ cancer lies, which quickly made her guilty by association. Vicki claims that she’s done nothing wrong, but Real Housewives of Orange County fans don’t always agree with her comments.

Even though Vicki Gunvalson lost her mother almost a year ago, she’s still grieving. It is clear that her mother’s death was something that she didn’t expect to happen so suddenly, and she opened up about her pain while filming The Real Housewives of Orange County.

According to a new Facebook post, Vicki Gunvalson is now revealing how she’s coping with her mother’s death and how she’s feeling close to her again. Gunvalson has been wearing her mother’s wedding ring since December. She shares this wedding ring with her sister, who hasn’t been a big part of The Real Housewives of Orange County.

“My sister and I decided both to share my moms beautiful wedding ring back and forth each year on her birthday of 12/5. I just received it last week in PV and am wearing it today which makes me feel closer to her. She loved my dad and this ring so much #Sentimental,” Vicki Gunvalson revealed on Facebook, sharing that she’s splitting the time with her sister. And many fans thought it was a beautiful gesture, and some could even relate.

“Absolutely Beautiful! How wonderful that you both have agreed to share, so many people usually argue over these things when they lose their loved ones sadly,” one person wrote to Gunvalson, revealing that it was a beautiful gesture.

Of course, Gunvalson isn’t the first person to lose a family member while filming the show. But given how dramatic the show became for Vicki, some people felt really sorry for her. She really wanted to move on from the drama in her life, but she got caught up in the cancer lies that Brooks Ayers put her through. But it sounds like she can reach out to her fellow Real Housewives stars. This week, Kim Richards lost her ex-husband, who was struggling with cancer, and Vicki Gunvalson reached out to her via Twitter.

“Sending my thoughts and prayers to Kim Richards and family. I’m so sorry for your loss,” Vicki wrote on Twitter, sharing that she understood what Kim was going through.

Even though Gunvalson is busy remembering her mother these days, she is also dealing with a potential tell-all in regards to her ex-boyfriend, Brooks Ayers. Brooks was very upset with how things unfolded with her, and he claims that he didn’t lie about having cancer. According to Us Weekly, he is busy writing a tell-all book, but Gunvalson isn’t concerned about the book. Why? Because Brooks can’t say much about her.

“Vicki is not at all concerned about her former boyfriend writing a book,” a statement from her publicist reads via Us Weekly, adding, “He can write whatever he wants except he cannot write about Vicki, her career, family or anything else concerning her. Vicki long ago had the boyfriend sign a fiercely written and executed confidentiality agreement. He cannot write about her at all. That was signed in the very beginning [of their relationship].”

It is definitely interesting that he is writing a tell-all book, considering he had nothing but sweet words for her when they ended their relationship. He is quickly changing his tune, which doesn’t sit well with Real Housewives fans. It is definitely hurting his credibility when it comes to his cancer story.

“I want nothing but the best for her, and she wants the best for me,” Brooks previously told Page Six as reported by Us Weekly, adding, “I’m not doing this because she did it to me, but she’s a grown woman and she’s making business decisions to continue earning money. I’m a grown man, and I want to do what I can do to rehab my reputation.”

Will you buy a copy of a tell-all book by Brooks Ayers or is he just exploiting Vicki in an attempt to restore his reputation?

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