Second Severed Cat’s Head Found In Oxford This Year, Possible Work Of Psychopath

A severed cat‘s head has been found for the second time in less than a year in Oxford, Connecticut, causing residents of the area and officials alike to believe a psychopath may be on the loose.

As the Patch reports, Oxford Animal Control has begun an investigation after a second severed cat’s head was found in the middle of the intersection of Moose Hill and Rolling Hills roads on Saturday night. Roughly 7 months ago another head was discovered in the same area by passers-by severed from its body, but it was chalked up to coyotes in the area.

With this second finding, reports the New Haven Independent, authorities are beginning to question whether it may actually be human related. Animal control officer Sandy Merry says it doesn’t look like this was an accident and believes the head was purposefully placed in position.

“Someone is clean-cutting off cats’ heads and putting them in the street. There’s no way an animal did it. It had to be the work of a human.”

A veterinary technician, who wished to remain anonymous for fear of reprisal, found the second head on the road at about 6 p.m. It was placed upright in the middle of the travel lane, facing oncoming traffic. Assistant Animal Control Officer Cori Wlasuk was sent to check out the scene with the veterinary technician and both agreed it was not the work of animals:

“It was a clean cut. There was no blood underneath. It’s not like it was hit by a car. Obviously there is some psychopath out here.”

Anyone with information on the incident(s) is being asked to contact Animal Control or local police.