Kanye West Proves Again That His Arrogance Knows No Bounds

Rap star Kanye West has shown on numerous occasions that he has an over-inflated ego. West leaves no doubt that, for him at least, the word of Kanye is gospel when it comes to just about any subject under the sun. West has proven once again that his arrogance knows absolutely no bounds as he steps up the hype for the much-delayed album Swish. West has declared, weeks prior to its release, that Swish is the greatest album of all time.

For a number of weeks, Kanye has been dropping tracks on so-called GOOD Fridays that fans speculated could be included on the new release, but it seems that not all of those tracks have made the cut.

You will no doubt recall that many music fans were outraged last year when it was announced that Kanye would headline Saturday night on the pyramid stage at last year's Glastonbury festival. Over 300,000 people signed a petition to have West dropped from the Glastonbury line-up. West further upset a huge swath of the Glastonbury faithful when he took to the stage and declaring himself to be the "world's greatest rock star." Many shook their heads in disbelief when West went on to totally murder a cover of Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody."
In another master stroke of self-aggrandisement that will surely earn hoots of derision, the Mirror reports that West took to Twitter to reveal the tracklist for an album he declares is "the best album of all-time."
The Guardian reports that West's collaboration with Kendrick Lamar, "No More Parties in L.A.," has made the cut as has "Fade," which features Post Malone and Ty Dolla $ign. "Wolves" with Sia, which was debuted almost a year ago, is also on the disc, whereas previous singles such as "All Day" and "Only One" have been left off the forthcoming record, which is due to drop on February 11.

The handwritten tracklist bears a moniker from West's sister-in-law Kylie Jenner that read "Kylie was here." This has raised fears that Kylie will feature on Kanye's new release. Who could forget the car-crash single that was Kim Kardashian West's "Jam," a tune that must surely feature close to the top of anyone's list of worst songs ever made.

It seems that West will be featuring a 1980s-styles drum machine on Swish after Kanye tweeted a picture of the classic SP1200 on Twitter last week with the comment "had to do it."
According to the Daily Mail, Kanye has said that the new album is a "sonic painting" and has promised fans it would be more upbeat after the abrasive Yeezus, which came out in 2013.

"I don't wanna overly describe it or overly try to hype it up. I've been working slow. Thee album is 'sounding good. It's like a sonic painting, and it gets better and better every week."

As Kanye has shown numerous times in the past, he thrives on creating controversy. West's comments about Swish have certainly got people talking about the release, and that hype will doubtless help sales. West is no stranger to using controversy to keep himself in the public eye.

NME reports that David Bowie fans were outraged when rumors circulated that Kanye was to release an album of Bowie covers as a tribute to the star who passed away last week. Bowie fans started a petition to stop Kanye recording Bowie songs.

The petition, which has attracted 25,000 signatures to date, says, "David Bowie was one of the single most important musicians of the 20th and 21st century, it would be a sacrilege to let it be ruined by Kanye West."

Love him or hate him Kanye West gets people talking and evokes strong emotions. Kanye is not going away anytime soon.

[Photo by Richard Drew/AP, File]