Melissa Gorga Shares A Pre-Housewives Pic Of Her And Teresa Giudice

Melissa Gorga shared an old photo of herself with sister-in-law Teresa Giudice over the weekend while she was riding out the snow storm that has blanketed the east coast.

Gorga posted the photo — which shows her and Teresa looking glam but not as airbrush-perfect as they are these days — with the caption, “Snow day! Going through old pics with my children. Thought you’d like this one of me and Tre… About 10 yrs ago.”

Although the women have definitely had their issues over the years, it’s clear that Gorga is still trying to make an effort to support Teresa and continue a healthy relationship with her now that she’s home from prison. The duo have been spotted together as they hit the gym and reportedly spent the holidays with each other’s respective families. Melissa spoke to People at the end of the year, saying she thinks 2016 will be a good one for her family.

“I think it’s gonna be a really nice Christmas this year. I just think it’s gonna be a lot of new beginnings, hopefully just a fresh start, especially for Teresa,” Melissa Gorga said.

A source told the magazine that the duo got along well at Christmas, despite not having seen each other in several months.

“It was the first time Melissa and Teresa have seen each other in over a year. The holiday spirit was definitely in the air. Everyone got along well, exchanged gifts. Very happy night.”

Indeed, things are already looking up for Teresa; even though she’ll have to essentially be a single mom for quite a while after her husband, Joe, turns himself in to serve his own prison sentence, she has several projects in the works, including a memoir. Turning the Tables: From Housewife to Inmate and Back Again is due out next month, not long after, Teresa will have her ankle monitor removed.

Joe Giudice told E! News in October that although his wife and Melissa were trying to repair their relationship, the Gorgas hadn’t exactly been helpful while Teresa was serving time in prison. Fans were left wondering whether the drama was completely over — or if it was just beginning.

“They come around once in a while. I wouldn’t say that they ‘pitched in,’ no. They come around whenever—birthday parties, stuff like that, graduations. We get together here and there,” Joe said.

Still, from the looks of the social media accounts of both women, it appears they are making an effort to be close as Teresa repairs the bond between herself and her brother Joe.

After the holidays, a source told Radar Online that the women were looking forward to starting fresh.

“Christmas Eve was a time for new beginnings for Melissa and Teresa. They had a very real heart to heart as soon as Teresa arrived at Melissa’s house. It lasted for about 45 minutes. Teresa thanked Melissa for looking after her four girls while she was in prison,” the source said.

According to Starpulse, the Giudices are attempting to get their lives back in order before Joe reports to prison in March. While they were able to save their home from foreclosure, they did lose several other properties and will see a rental home auctioned off soon. The couple still reportedly owe hundreds of thousands of dollars in taxes.

Teresa has been planning book signings for months now and is already recording the audio version of her book as she plans for her family’s future. While it’s unclear whether Teresa and Melissa will be sewing up their relationship on camera for Bravo, it looks like the Giudices will be just fine in the coming months.

[Photo by Melissa Gorga/Instagram]

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