Nancy Pelosi Dances to ZZ Top’s ‘Sharp Dressed Man’ At Barney Franks Wedding [video]

Nancy Pelosi danced to the ZZ Top song “Sharp Dressed Man” at the same-sex marriage of Rep. Barney Frank and his longtime love Jim Reedy, The Blaze reports. The amateur video captured at Frank’s wedding reception of the Democratic House Minority Leader attempting to exhibit her more rhythmic side is quite entertaining. Pelosi danced with Frank’s co-best man Terry Bean – founder of the LGBT for Obama group. Bean can dance, but Pelosi appears to have be far more adept and moving her hands at the podium than her feet on the dance floor.

Everyone deserves to have a good time at a wedding reception, even those who admittedly have not dusted off their dance moves in several decades. But Pelosi should have confiscated all the smart phones in the room before putting on her dancing shoes. Sure, it is expected that Republicans will poke at a dancing Pelosi, but even the voices of Frank’s wedding guests heard during the video seemed to be sharing a laugh or two at Pelosi’s expense.

According to information republished by the Huffington Post, Pelosi also danced to “It’s Raining Men,” but no video of the elected official grooving to that lively tune has yet surfaced. Chris Holman, a.k.a. CJ the DJ provided entertainment for an all-star Washington D.C. Cast during the Frank-Ready wedding in Newton, Mass. Governor Deval Patrick officiated the ceremony, the Boston Globe reports. Although Gov. Patrick and Senator John Kerry left the Frank-Ready wedding reception early, Pelosi was spotted “swaying” in the dance floor throughout the evening.