Watch Bumble Bee ‘Wave’ In Appreciation After Man Saves Him From Drowing In A Bucket Of Water [Video]

A heartwarming video clip uploaded recently to Facebook shows the amazing moment that a bumble bee appears to thank a man who saved him from drowning in a bucket of water by waving at the man.

The clip, which appears to provide a rare and inimitable demonstration of interspecies friendship, has gone viral online with millions of view.

The video, filmed and uploaded to Facebook by user Dylan Jermaine Trayez from Auckland in New Zealand, appears to show a bumble bee responding to greetings from its human savior by raising a limb and waving.

Trayez rescued the bumble bee from drowning in a bucket of water in his greenhouse. After rescuing the bee, he placed him on a sunflower to dry out.

As the bumble bee dried out on the sunflower, Trayez said “hello,” and to his utter amazement the bee appeared to respond by lifting a limb and waving. The gesture from the bee appeared to Trayez a friendly wave showing appreciation for the good deed done.

The amazed New Zealander immediately uploaded the video to Facebook, asking his social media friends to watch the video showing a bumble bee waving in appreciation after being saved from drowning.

Trayez says in the video, “Yay! What’s up mister bumblebee? Hey bro… You’re the man… eh! what’s up?”

The bee then appears to lift up a limb in greeting.

Trayez said in a post to his Facebook page, “Just saved this bumble bee from a bucket of water in my greenhouse, and put him on my sunflower to dry out. He is very appreciative.”

“Just saved this bumble bee from a bucket of water in my greenhouse … He is very appreciative.”

Trayez’s equally bemused Facebook friends shared the clip and it went viral quickly, with more than one million views on Facebook as enthralled social media users shared it across online platforms.

“That is so cute, he’s the bees-knees.”

“Even a guy and a bumblebee become friend in like 5 seconds.”

“It’s a lovely feeling when I can help one of these little creatures.”

“What a wonderful human being. We are all linked and don’t even know it.”

But some on social media, unimpressed by the fanciful notion of a bee waving in appreciation to a human savior, dismissed the idea that the bee’s “gesture” was friendly. They claimed that bees do not lift up their legs in friendly greeting but to show they are “angry,” and that it was a signal that the bee was about to attack. Trayez, they said, was lucky he did not get stung.

“I once took a picture of a bee doing something similar and then it tried to sting me… good thing this guy was lucky enough to get away.”

“Don’t get too close this is a sign of anger and aggression… Don’t get stung!”

A viewer, exasperated by the efforts of those trying to debunk the notion that the bee was waving in appreciation, declared that even if the bee was not really saluting, the video was still “cute.”

“For all you buzzkills out there, we know it wasn’t really waving. I think it was just a cute coincidence so the person shared it.”

Some social media users commented tongue-in-cheek that the bumble bee was a “racist” giving a Nazi salute. Someone joked that the bee was probably pointing in panic to a meteor in the sky about to strike.

And less than a week after the video went viral, Trayez took to Facebook once again with a message that he had saved yet another bee from water in his greenhouse. He uploaded to his Facebook page a photo showing another bee drying out on a bright flower in his greenhouse.

[Image via Alvesgaspar/Wikimedia Commons]

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