‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: One Couple’s Heartbreaking Moment, New Beginnings For Others

It was a week of high emotions on General Hospital with what looks like the end of a troubled marriage. But for other Port Charles residents, it may just be a new beginning for them.

Dante and Lulu has been a fan-favorite couple on the ABC soap, and even though they have had their issues in the past, they have always found a way to work them out. Even after Dante had an affair with Valerie, fans were hoping for reconciliation soon between him and Lulu. However, it looks like their marriage is beyond repair after Lulu hid Johnny Zacchara at the Haunted Star, made a deal with him to get her out of Dante’s life, and almost killed Valerie in the process.

Will Valerie and Dillon get together? (Photo by Araya Diaz/Getty Images for Project Angel Food)

On Friday’s episode of General Hospital, Dante paid his wife a visit and it looked like he may have had a change of heart, especially after his talk with Sonny. His dad reminded Dante of all that he has been through with Carly and they found their way back to each other. So, Dante went to see Lulu after she finally spilled everything to Laura. If Lulu had any hope that her husband would forgive her and try working their marriage out, her hopes got crushed pretty quickly. Dante instead told Lulu that he has already seen a lawyer about a divorce.

Her plan to get Valerie out of her husband’s life was all for nothing because he told her that he and Valerie had ended things because he wanted to reunite with her. Now, after Lulu went all crazy with Johnny’s plan, he is now done with her. Dante left her sobbing in the apartment.

Valerie has become a hated character as General Hospital viewers feel that she was the one who broke up Dante and Lulu’s marriage. Soap fans can be very passionate and they can be quite outspoken on social media. Of course, nothing is set in stone on daytime TV. Viewers could see Dante and Lulu find their way back to each other eventually.

Even though one relationship has crumbled to pieces, another couple may just be starting their future together. In an odd sort of coupling, Nikolas Cassadine just proposed to Hayden Barnes on Friday’s episode of General Hospital. Only in soaps can you fall in love with the person who had you shot. Hayden pretty much knows the truth on who almost ended her life. So, will she say yes to Nik’s proposal?

Will Hayden instead confess that she knows the truth about her getting shot? Maybe once it is out in the open, those two can have a future together. It is certainly a rocky road ahead for this General Hospital couple.

Rebecca Budig before joining GH. (Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images)

This was also the one episode that JaSam fans have been waiting for, at least one of them. Jason Morgan finally remembered one particular moment with his wife from the past. He remembered getting caught in the rain with Sam. In fact, it was all detailed down to the way she felt and the way she smelled in his arms.


Jason’s memories are starting to come back to him, but will it be enough to reunite him with Sam? It looks like this may be a new beginning for Jason and Sam. However, his son may have something to say about that.

Little Jake is obviously troubled by the fact that his daddy is growing closer to Sam and not Elizabeth. He wants Jason home with his family, but how far will he go to make this happen?

What are your thoughts on this past week’s happenings on General Hospital?

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