Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson Have Creative Ways Of Dealing With Stress

Dealing with the spotlight is not easy, especially when the light is as searing as it is for Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson of One Direction, who are two of the most watched people on the planet.

Just today, Harry Styles was mobbed when he arrived at LAX airport. Paparazzi swarmed the long-haired heart-throb, yelling questions about Kendall Jenner.

It seems the media and fandom questioning about whether Harry and Kendall's relationship is fake has also been noticed by the paparazzi. Photographers can be heard crying "is it real?" and "are you dating Kendall? Is it the real deal?"

One photographer tries to get a response out of tight-lipped Harry by pointing out that he is the only one not asking questions about Kendall Jenner. "How was your flight?" the pap asks.

Harry is reportedly in town for Jeff Azoff's birthday party, which he will apparently attend with Kendall and some friends. Jeff's father Irving Azoff was present on the yacht when Kendall and Harry were spotted canoodling late last year, and Irving is even rumored to be the owner of that yacht. Could the music agents have some stake in the lovers or in their careers?

Harry has been friends with the Azoffs for a while, and in the colorful world of One Direction fan theories, there is even a rumor that Harry was romantically involved with Jeff Azoff.

With so many eyes on him, it's no wonder Harry lost his bearings when he arrived at LAX today. Harry wandered around looking lost, unable to find his car, and even tried to open the door of a vehicle that didn't belong to him.

The much-scrutinized star had to deal with even more photographers than usual -- apparently Twilight star Kristen Stewart arrived at LAX within the same hour Harry did. Many of the paps were reportedly waiting for Stewart, but when Harry arrived they tried to grab some shots of the tattooed 1D star instead.

A flood of images of Styles hit social media in the following hours. Many of the hunk's distinctive tattoos are on display, notably the intricately rendered ship on his left arm, and the heart on his sleeve (bicep). Harry really likes wordplay -- he also has a butterfly on his stomach, and the word 'big' written on his big toe.

The tattoos on Harry's left arm follow a sailing theme. Oglers who admire the ship on his upper arm and then cast their eyes down to his wrist will see a ship's anchor inked there.

Harry has a therapeutic and arty new hobby that will allow him to deal with his stressful lifestyle -- painting.
Towards the end of last year [Harry] decided to start painting his own works as a hobby and he absolutely loves it.
Perhaps Harry took an interest in the art of image-making after he watched all those tattoo artists ink those detailed designs on different parts of his body. Or perhaps he has heard of the stress-relieving powers of art. Painting can be useful in releasing emotion, problem solving and as a distraction from sadness, according to Artists Network.

The Sun reports that "art has become one of Harry's biggest obsessions over the past few years." Styles reportedly has an impressive collection and is keen to add his own work to his wall.

"He is an avid collector and has a seriously impressive gallery worth millions of Pounds in his house...He is not a lavish guy but art is one of his only luxuries...Towards the end of last year he decided to start painting his own works as a hobby and he absolutely loves it. His pieces are going to get a place on the wall next to the rest of his purchases."
Eagle-eyed Harry-watchers even spotted that he liked the following picture on Instagram recently.
The image is a tribute to a controversial work of art by British artist Damien Hirst, who made waves when he displayed a shark in a square glass box. The shark was preserved using formaldehyde, and Hirst gave his artwork the ponderous title "The Physical Impossibility of Death in the Mind of Someone Living."

Harry is not the only one finding solace in self-expression. Louis Tomlinson is under stress trying to balance the needs of his baby mama and new girlfriend, as reported by Music-News.

Last night Louis even took to social media to say that he couldn't sleep.

Louis followed the lead of creative insomniacs from generations past, tapping into the creative possibilities of the situation. A moody self-portrait of the hunk soon appeared on Instagram. The 1D hunk stares into the lens, his face framed by the woolly lining of his coat, and his cheeks covered with light stubble. Louis looks awake indeed, but the star appears relaxed, albeit a bit lonely in the dim space.
Are Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles coping under the spotlight?

(Photo by Matt Sayles/Invision/AP)