Bruce Springsteen Performs Cover Song In Tribute To Glenn Frey Death [Video]

Billboard posted an article and video that shows “The Boss” Bruce Springsteen paying tribute to former Eagle Glenn Frey who recently passed away. Bruce and the E Street Band are on their River Tour and last night, Springsteen performed an acoustic cover of “Take It Easy” in honor of Frey, who passed away Monday, January 18 at the age of 67. The video shows Bruce beginning the song with just his guitar and then he is joined midway through the performance by E Street Band violinist Soozie Tyrell. Springsteen and Tyrell performed a beautiful acoustic version of the Eagles first single and one of their signature songs. Bruce’s tour began in Pittsburgh on January 16, with the concert last night being performed at the United Center in Chicago. The Eagles’ manager Irving Azoff tweeted his gratitude to Bruce for the tribute after the show.

The video below shows another angle of the performance by Springsteen. This view shows the center almost completely lit up with audience members’ cell phones.

Ironically, last summer Bruce also sang “Take It Easy” with Jackson Browne, who co-wrote the song with Frey, at a surprise appearance at Browne’s concert in Red Bank, New Jersey. Springsteen also paid tribute to the late David Bowie at his opening concert in Pittsburgh on January 16th by performing a cover of “Rebel, Rebel.” Bowie died at the age of 69 on January 10.


Bruce and The E Street Band will be performing next at Madison Square Garden on January 24 and 27. Other concert dates are listed below.

Bruce springsteen performs cover song in tribute to glenn frey
(Image Via Official Springsteen Website)

About Springsteen’s River Tour, The Guardian posted an article that gave a review about Springsteen and his E Street Band, basically commemorating their double-album The River which was released in 1980. According to The Guardian, the concert includes two hours of songs from that album. The whole Chicago concert was almost three-and-a-half hours, with Springsteen’s tribute to Glenn Frey as an encore song. The first two hours of course were dedicated to The River, with other songs following The River set. Springsteen has always given his all at his concerts and The River Tour is no exception.

As The Guardian notes, The River is a “true testament to album-oriented listening, especially for an album that contains a whopping 20 songs.” One of the songs from that album, “Hungry Heart,” is a top-10 hit, and “The River,”, the titular song from the album has endured as one of Springsteen’s signature songs. The River’s themes are about coming of age and touches on themes that Springsteen writes about often. Springsteen told the Chicago audience that some of the themes from The River included fidelity and family.

“I wanted to imagine and write about those things. I figured if I wrote about them, then I’d get a step closer to getting them in my life.”

The Guardian goes on to mention Springsteen’s description of “I Wanna Marry You,” a song from The River. Springsteen told the crowd that he was “a much different person when he wrote The River.” When he introduced “I Wanna Marry You,” he says it was an earnest pledge of fidelity, “a song of youth – love in all its glowry and all of its early tentativeness before reality sets in…not real but I had to start someplace.”

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[Photo Credit: Charles Sykes/Invision/AP]