Josh Duggar Scandal Update: Mike Huckabee Is Forced To Defend The Duggars

The Josh Duggar scandal, is like the monster that just won’t die. It came to bite Mike Huckabee, just last week at a political rally, in the form of a very indignant woman who accused the presidential candidate of supporting child abuse. The woman caused a total disruption during the question and answer period, and provoked Huckabee to defend the Duggar parents and in the process accidentally throw Josh under the bus. Huckabee was visibly shaken and obviously furious. He lost his cool in a way that can hurt presidential candidates.

Radar Online reports that Huckabee stood valiantly loyal to his long time friends the Duggars, but could not defend Josh, in the wake of the woman’s tirade about the Josh Duggar scandal. His words are now being twisted in the media as an attack on Josh. Earlier in the campaign his words were twisted to be in support of Josh.

“I never supported anything that happened to those daughters. I supported the fact that those daughters were maliciously and savagely abused, not just by their brother, but by the news media who exploited them for their own purpose without proof of what it was doing to those young ladies.”

Huckabee has always supported the whole family in the Josh Duggar scandal, even speaking up for Josh at times, pointing out that there is always forgiveness. He condemned the release of Josh Duggar’s juvenile report as illegal, which as governor of the state, he should know. However there is some debate on the issue.

Was The File Release Required By Law or Prohibited By Law

The Josh Duggar scandal began as a result of juvenile records being released to a tabloid under the Freedom of Information Act. There is some debate over whether the records should have been released in the first place. CNN Money reports that Arkansas officials regret the release, but the Washington Post explains that it was probably not illegal. The understanding of the law, held by persons responsible for releasing the data, was that it would be illegal not to.

Mike Huckabee Offended by Question About Josh Duggar Scandal
Mike Huckabee Offended by Question About Josh Duggar Scandal (Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images)

The Josh Duggar Scandal Is Based On Something All Too Common

Josh was underage at the time of the incident, and it was over 10 years ago, yet the Josh Duggar scandal lives on, and it isn’t going away. What Josh did isn’t uncommon at all, unfortunately, and with 19 kids, one might expect this. Statistics show that at least 15 percent of people experience sexual contact with siblings, while four percent experience sexual abuse with a sibling, according to the Pandora’s Project website. Considering the number of children involved it is statistically probable that this would happen.

The details of that Juvenile record are not unique, but the situation the Josh Duggar scandal is causing, is. Most young people can put acts like this behind them and move on to live very normal lives. Their parents, siblings and friends can also move on, as the subject is unknown to outsiders. Unfortunately being reality TV stars, too many people know them, and know what happened, to allow the Duggars to move on. The Josh Duggar scandal stubbornly lives on, haunting family and friends.

Duggar Parents hurt by Josh Duggar Scandal
Duggar Parents hurt by Josh Duggar Scandal (Photo by Brendan Hoffman/Getty Images)

Duggar Daughters Feel Betrayed For Their Honesty

It all started when Jim Bob and Michelle learned of Josh Duggar’s inappropriate behavior with four of his sisters and a baby sitter, they took the girls to get help at the Children’s Safety Center in Springdale, Arkansas. Indeed, it is required by law that parents report this sort of abuse, or face punishment under the law.

The girls were told that their session was confidential, so they told the counselors and authorities all the details. Little did they know that revealing their trauma would turn into an international media circus. It is a major counter argument to those who advocate unburdening oneself to therapists and authorities, but the Duggars did everything by the book. They reported and they got counseling. They tried to heal, but that Josh Duggar scandal just keeps biting at their heals
at every turn.

Today, though we have good reason to believe that the 19 Kids And Counting reality show will be on for another season, as reported by the Inquisitr. That is a great relief as so many people enjoy the show. The show was almost canceled due to the scandal. The Josh Duggar scandal is growing, not dying, and like the monster it is, it just keeps biting everyone involved.

[Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images, Danny Johnston/AP Images]