City Council Votes to Close Down Swingers Sex Club

Residents of a quaint English village were largely unaware that a sex club was operating in their midst. The “kninky” yet discreet parties for consenting adults at the New Forest home inside an upscale home included the use of love swings, several “x-rated” dungeons, a hot tub and five themed “playrooms” according to The Sun. The home was reportedly very popular for adults who enjoy the swing lifestyle. Themed parties at the house party for swinger’s included the opportunity to dress up in costume and enjoy the company of “Big Beautiful Women.”

After several next dour neighbors became irritated with “directing randy partygoers” to the home, complaints were filed against the owners. During a recent hearing by the New Forest District Council the property was ruled a commercial venture and could no longer be considered a domestic dwelling. Homeowner David Kay appealed the council’s decision and maintains he was using his home for private swinger parties with his friends – entirely legal. Unfortunately for Kay, the government inspectors who toured the home disagreed with him and decided to uphold the council’s ruling.

“The activities do not go hand-in-hand with te appellant’s assertions that the premises are only used for parties involving friends. It is apparent the club is well advertised, well used and has all the characteristics of a business. Any reasonable person viewing the website would be left in no doubt payment is required to gain access to the club and being invited by a friend is not a general requirement,” Inspector Richard Perrins told The Sun.

The Daily Mail refers to the New Forest sex club as one of Britain’s “leading swingers’ clubs.” The home is also known as the JCT2 Club, short for Junction House Parties.