Can Kim Jong-Un’s Outrageous Behavior Be Blamed On Poor Parenting?

Kim Jong-un’s latest outlandish claim that he has invented an alcoholic drink that doesn’t give you a hangover is the latest in a long line of fantastical boasts from a leader who has also claimed to have cured cancer, AIDS, and Ebola. But is little Kim living in the paradise of the fool or is he simply another product of bad parenting?

On the world stage, Kim Jong-un is often seen as a figure of fun. He’s not. The supreme leader of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea is deadly serious when it comes creating a fantastical image of himself, and like most egotistical psychopaths, he’s willing to kill in the name of perpetuating the myth.

According to the gospel of North Korea, little Kim could drive a car at the tender age of 3 and was winning yachting races before he was 10. He also conquered North Korea’s highest mountain wearing a suit and dress shoes. How suave.

As well as indulging in gout-inducing proportions of Swiss cheese, Kim is rumored to also be a massive fan of Eric Clapton, which, on face value, would make the little leader evil on an epic scale.

Like his dad, Kim also loves to drink and party like a rock star and is forever splashing the cash on new technologies and remedies to help him combat hangovers and fatigue. Currently, Kim is looking to become the toast of alcoholics everywhere after claiming to have invented a special blend of liquor that doesn’t give you a hangover.

As every self-respecting binge drinker knows, if there was a tried and tested cure to kill hangovers, then God is sure as hell keeping it to himself, and he’s not about to share it with a diminutive, portly little chap with a woman’s name and a haircut rarely seen this side of the 1980s.

Little Kim
Jong Junior Waving To His People [Photo by AP]

So what made Kim a pathological liar prone to fantastical boasts in the first place? Was he born that way, or was the example that papa Kim set to blame for Junior’s tendency of being free and easy with the truth?

For 17 long years, Kim Jong-un’s dad, the tenacious tyrant Kim Jong-il, ruled North Korea with an iron fist. Yet, how much did anybody really know about this heavy-drinking, chain-smoking, bug-eyed shade wearing, hamburger loving, James Bond fan with a speech impediment?

Well, people do know at the time of Jong senior’s birth in 1942 in the loving and protective environment of a secret military camp, the heavens were illuminated by a bright star, a double rainbow miraculously appeared, and the season changed from winter to spring.

At least they did, according to North Korean legend, but as is often the case, reality paints a different picture. A picture which reveals that the “Dear Leader” was actually born in Siberia while Jong-un’s grandpapa was fleeing from the Japanese.

Kim Jong-il loved the movies, especially James Bond, and the fierce film fanatic’s private collection housed a staggering 20,000 films. In fact, such was little Kim’s passion for the silver screen, a famous South Korean filmmaker claims that the dictator once kidnapped him and he was forced to make movies in the isolation of North Korea for a decade.

It is a little-known fact that cool-hand Kim was the best golfer in history. In fact, only North Korean state television ever seemed to be aware that the little putter once visited an 18-hole course and downed a stunning 11 hole-in-ones.

Strewth! If that wasn’t enough, the multi-talented renaissance man was rumored to have written at least six operas in two years. Try doing that and running a country single-handedly, Mr. Obama! Like most tyrants, Kim was very rich and liked nothing more than spending copious amounts of money on fine wines and feasts fit for beasts. His lavish lifestyle and fondness for lobsters were a stark contrast to the prolonged and deadly famine that laid waste to much of North Korea, but this didn’t seem to trouble the refined connoisseur too much.

As long as he had the time and resources to develop his country into the world’s fifth-largest military and nuclear weapons power, Kim remained content. After all, a wine cellar stocked with over 10,000 bottles can ease the most troubled mind and savage of souls.

Despite leading the lifestyle of the rich and famous, Kim was also a prudent person and kept a little nest egg of four billion dollars in European banks for a rainy day, or perhaps a revolution.

Although some critics suggest Kim was full of crap, the high-minded tyrant never needed to defecate, according to the North Korean state website that is.

Lastly, but not least, although Kim was only five feet, three inches tall, (five-foot-seven in his beloved four-inch heels), he disliked short people. Go figure!

Ladies and gentleman of the jury, I feel the evidence speaks for itself. Once again, a poor parental role model has created a monster, and his name is Kim Jong-un.

Kim Jong-un
“Don’t dis our leader dude!” [Photo by AP]

[Photo By Wong Maye-E/AP]

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