WWE News: Tammy Sytch Willing To Do Sex Tape, Negotiating With Vivid Entertainment

In WWE news, Tammy Sytch received a huge offer from Vivid Entertainment, a porn company that wants the former diva to record her first sex tape for the public, according to TMZ.

Last week, Tammy Sytch revealed to the world that she was selling the hall of fame ring that WWE gave her as a prize for her contributions to their business and the wrestling industry.

Vivid Entertainment president Steve Hirsch knows a business opportunity when he sees one, and he has a long history of trying to capitalize on as many of those as he possibly can. Upon hearing that Tammy Sytch, who worked as Sunny in WWE, was selling her ring, like many, he sensed that she was in dire need of money, especially with legal fees piling up lately. To test the water, Steve Hirsch decided to throw out an offer to Tammy Sytch. He is willing to pay her $100,000 if she were to star in a sex tape that the company would release.

Since Steve Hirsch wanted Tammy Sytch to be comfortable enough to agree to do the sex tape, he stated that he would allow her to choose the sexual partner and the location as well.

Steve Hirsch
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Not wanting to waste time or the opportunity to cash in on something potentially big, Steve Hirsch also stated that the sex tape shooting has to be done within the next two weeks or so.

When asked by TMZ for a response to the offer, Tammy Sytch stated that she was willing to do the sex tape, but Steve Hirsch and Vivid Entertainment would need to offer more money. Tammy Sytch reiterated that she was a business woman, so it behooves her to negotiate for the best deal possible from Vivid Entertainment. She feels that she deserves more money.

While some may be shocked that Tammy Sytch is willing to do a sex tape, those that have followed her closely over the past couple of years had a hunch that it would come to this. In the past, Tammy Sytch has sold partially nude photos of herself to make ends meet when wrestling convention money was not enough to ensure that all of her bills would be paid. Tammy Sytch then took it up another notch by selling Skype conversations to fans that want to interact with her. She often times would take off her clothes if the person paid enough.

Chyna [Photo by WWE]
The thought of Tammy Sytch doing a sex tape now is not very surprising. Had she done this back when she was still with WWE and one of the biggest stars around, it would have been.

Tammy Sytch was basically burning what remained of the bridge with WWE when she decided to sell the hall of fame ring, but a sex tape ensures that the bridge is never rebuilt again.

World Wrestling Entertainment has an unspoken policy of avoiding former performers that might generate a very negative reaction from the mainstream media towards the company. That is one of the biggest reasons why WWE has been avoiding Chyna these past several years. She was placed on the list as soon as she made her sad journey into the adult film industry.

Tammy Sytch has been boasting to people as of late to anyone listening that she is moving on from professional wrestling to focus on the next chapter of her life and a brand new career.

It is quite sad to see that the new career might be in adult films, as a lot of women fall under the lure of the quick money that the industry brings them.

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