Track Palin Busted After Violent Attack On Girlfriend, Police Say — Sarah Endorses Donald Trump Next Day

The night before Sarah Palin appeared at an Iowa rally with Donald Trump, publicly endorsing the Republican frontrunner for president, her 26-year-old son Track Palin was arrested in Wasilla, Alaska, on a domestic violence charge stemming from a drunken argument with his girlfriend at his mom’s house on the shore of Lake Lucille in Wasilla.

The allegedly intoxicated Track Palin threatened to commit suicide, holding an AR-15 rifle to his face during the brawl while yelling at the frightened woman — whose name has not been made public — “Do you think I’m a p***y? Do you think I won’t do it?”

The account comes from police documents revealed by the New York Daily News. Police later found the AR-15, discovering that it was not loaded.

Despite the arrest of and suicide threat by her oldest son, Sarah Palin made a trip to Iowa State University on Tuesday — the day that Track Palin was scheduled to be arraigned on the domestic violence rap — where she appeared at a Donald Trump campaign rally.

At the rally, Sarah Palin announced her enthusiastic endorsement of Trump for President of the United States, saying that she admired Trump for “going rogue.” Of course, “going rogue” was a term applied to Palin herself during her 2008 campaign for vice-president on the ticket of the Republican nominee, Arizona Senator John McCain. Palin was believed to ignore instructions from the McCain campaign, running in essence a separate campaign for vice-president.

Track Palin Donald Trump Sarah Palin Endorse
Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin (l) with Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump at Iowa State University (Photo By Mary Altaffer/Associated Press)

By endorsing Trump, Palin would appear to deliver another slap in the face to the man who launched her onto the national stage eight years ago, as Trump has feuded with McCain, ridiculing the former Vietnam prisoner of war for being “captured,” and declaring McCain “not a war hero.”

See Fox News coverage of the Sarah Palin endorsement of Donald Trump in the video below.

The bad blood between McCain and Trump appeared to concern Palin Tuesday no more than her son’s arrest from the night before, which she also publicly ignored.

The Palin family lawyer declined comment on the arrest of Track Palin, telling the Associated Press only that the Palin son is receiving “the help that he and many of our returning veterans need.”

Track Palin served one tour of duty in Iraq in 2008, as a member of the U.S. Army Reserve.

According to the Daily News account, however, police responded to a 911 call from the distraught 22-year-old girlfriend of Track Palin at about 10 p.m. on Monday night in Wasilla, finding the young woman cowering under a bed in the Palin house, after Track allegedly attacked her then threatened to shoot himself with the AR-15 rifle, even “cocking” the weapon and aiming it at his own head.

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Track Palin, the police documents state, punched his girlfriend in the eye and kicked her in the knee after discovering that she had been in communication with a previous boyfriend.

The woman also fought back, striking Palin in the eye with her elbow, according to the documents uncovered by the Daily News. When police apprehended Palin, they took note of distinct swelling around one eye.

The alleged brawl is not the first time that Track Palin has been involved in a violent physical altercation. In September of 2014, he reportedly initiated a fight that ended up involving 20 people during a party at a home in Anchorage, Alaska.

Track Palin allegedly started an altercation with a former boyfriend of his sister, Willow Palin, and during the same brawl, Bristol Palin is reported to have punched the homeowner, who she believed had insulted her after she arrived at the party with her brother, mother Sarah Palin, and other family members.

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