Palin Brawl: Track Palin ‘Not Trying To Be Gay Or Nothing,’ Says He Fought ‘Little B*****s’

Details of the Sarah Palin family brawl in Anchorage, Alaska, on September 6 continue to become clear after police released further audio recordings of interviews with participants in the 20-person melee, including Palin family members Todd, Bristol, and Track Palin.

As reported earlier by The Inquisitr, Bristol Palin posted on her blog Thursday, breaking her silence about the brawl, portraying herself as the victim of an unprovoked attack by homeowner Korey Klingenmeyer — as she also did in her police interview — and claiming that she is also a victim of media bias against conservative women.

In another police audio recording, Track Palin, the 25-year-old son of Sarah and Todd Palin, also tells cops that he joined the fight when a friend of his named Steve — identified by the Anchorage Dispatch News as Steve Lebida — whom Track described as “basically a gay guy, but he’s not,” was assaulted.

Track Palin felt compelled to defend his friend, who was incapable of standing up for himself because, Track said, “[H]e’s like a little pussy, you know what I’m saying?”

Interviewed later by police, Lebida first claimed that he “tripped and fell,” but later changed his account to say he was attacked.

Matthew McKenna, the guest of honor at the Klingenmeyer party, told police that Lebida “was mouthing off to another drunk guy.”

According to the Track Palin account in the police interview recording, the evening began with a 50th birthday party for his father, Todd, at which things at first seemed to be proceeding smoothly.

“Alright this is my old man,” Track tells the police investigator, introducing his father. “It’s his birthday, okay. So we’re at this party in Wasilla. Dude, surprise him with a new truck, new trailer, new wrap on the trailer. Everything was f*****g kosher.”

But when unidentified attackers assaulted the “innocent” and “basically gay” Steve, Track stripped off his shirt and joined the fight, he said, only to find himself facing down four opponents.

Track said that he got one punch in, but he was outnumbered, and that is the reason that he failed to win the fight — not because he is gay, which he was quick to point out, he is not.

When police asked him for a description of the attackers, Track Palin said, “They’re all like little b***hes.”

“If it was one-on-one, I’d beat the s*** out of them,” Track Palin boasted to police after the brawl. “One-on-one, like I’ll beat their ass. I’m not trying to be gay or nothing, but they’re four guys, man, like, come on. I’ve done jujitsu my whole life, wrestled forever. Like, let’s f*****g roll.”

McKenna later told police that the brawl began because younger Palin family members were “drunk and they got intermixed with some of my employees, and I think all hell broke loose.”

Audio of the Track Palin interview with police immediately after the Palin Family Brawl can be heard below.

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