Learn More About The Eldrid, One Of The Five Factions In ‘Battleborn’

In Gearbox Software’s upcoming first-person shooter Battleborn, players will choose between 25 playable heroes to tackle intense player-versus-player content or engage in an epic story narrative in a player-versus-environment mode. These 25 heroes, also known as Battleborn, each have their own background and belong to one of the game’s five factions.

With the May release date growing nearer every day, now is the perfect time to learn about the factions in Battleborn. Luckily, a new overview of one of the factions is now available on the official Battleborn website. In this summary, the ancient Eldrid faction is detailed with two pieces of striking concept art.

Between the Eldrid, the Last Light Consortium, the Rogues, the United Peacekeeping Republic, and the Jennerit Imperium, the Eldrid faction is the oldest and the most in tune with nature. Eldrid knowledge and history traces back hundreds of thousands of years in Battleborn, and the root of which appears to be the Aztanti race. The Eldrid today consist of the Aelfrin, the Ekkuni Dwarves, and “other sentient organisms.” This extends to a handful of the playable characters in Battleborn, too.

Players can utilize satisfying bow gameplay with Thorn, the Aelfrin from Varelsi. Her bow, Kreshek, can strike from great distances and poison foes. Thorn wields great Eldrid magic with abilities like Wrath of the Wild and Nature’s Judgment. A stout Boldur is an Ekkuni Dwarf with a shield that gives Battleborn players a chance to protect others with his axe and abilities like Axe Toss and Boldurdash.

Mellka in the heat of battle [Image via Gearbox Software]
Other playable characters of the Eldrid faction include Miko, the healing mushroom man, and Mellka, a fighter with a gauntlet fused to her body. All of Battleborn‘s Eldrid value understanding the nature of things and they wish to maintain all energy in the universe. Knowledge and the order of the universe are paramount to those belonging to the Eldrid faction. According to the background post, one Eldrid playable character remains in the 10 unannounced other Battleborn characters.

Select players got to see Thorn, Miko, and other members of the Eldrid in the closed technical test that took place last year. During the test, players were given the opportunity to play 15 of the 25 playable characters that Battleborn will launch with later this year. The test lasted about a week and offered up one of the game’s PvP maps and one of the campaign’s PvE chapters. As the Inquisitr reported, Gearbox Software later revealed what they learned from the closed technical test including ways to fix certain matchmaking issues and how to balance each Battleborn character. In fact, Gearbox Software developers stated that they saved the data on all helix choices players made during the closed technical test in both PvP and PvE content.

Thorn ready to fire her bow, Kreshek [Image via Gearbox Software]
With a robust competitive multiplayer and full co-op campaign, Battleborn should have a little something for every kind of player. Three competitive modes including Incursion, Capture, and Meltdown pit players against each other while a repeatable selection of story mode campaign maps are available to PvE players. The latter boasts the ability to be played solo or with up to five others. Two-player splitscreen is possible in the Battleborn story mode with splitscreen players able to connect to other splitscreen or solo players for a full five-person party.

Both competitive and co-op play increases a player’s overall Command Rank while playing a specific character enough will level it from one to 10. Leveling up Command Rank and Character Rank in Battleborn will unlock new things in the game like titles and loot or new skins and new helix augments respectively.

Battleborn was originally slated to launch in February but the game will now release on May 3, 2016, for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. Of course, enthusiastic players can pre-order the first-person shooter now from retailers. Pre-ordering Battleborn unlocks five special skins for five of the playable characters in the game, too. Golden character skins and a special title will be granted to players that pre-order the game. The gold skins can be applied to one character from each faction: Marquis, Montana, Rath, Renya, and Thorn. Both digital and physical pre-orders are expected to unlock the skins. Check out the official pre-order page for more information.

[Image via Gearbox Software]

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