Amanda Stanton Divorce Details: Still Married While Filming ‘The Bachelor’?

Bachelor contestant Amanda Stanton didn’t scare Ben Higgins off when she told him about her two children, but details that have emerged about her recent divorce may make him question whether she is ready to get married again or if it’s just too soon.

Amanda told Ben about her two daughters, Kinsley (3) and Charlie (1), on the second episode of the Bachelor on ABC. Fans will recall the sweet moment when he helped Amanda make barrettes for her daughters, making him quite possibly the most-loved Bachelor of all time.

However, Amanda, 25, has yet to tell Ben more details about her life, including her stint as a Disney actress and her two year marriage that ended in divorce around the time she started filming the Bachelor.

According to OK! Here’s The Situation, Amanda appeared in three TV movies when she was a teen. In 2006, she appeared in the Disney Channel’s Cheetah Girls 2, followed by a role in Mostly Ghostly and Nickelodeon’s Movie Merry Christmas, Drake & Josh in 2008.

Four years after filming her last movie, Amanda married Nick Buonfiglio, who currently works in sales for the Orange County Register. Amanda and Nick were married on October 11, 2012 and had two children together.

Although she wasn’t married when filming started, her divorce was very recent. According to Radar Online, court documents reveal that their divorce was finalized until June 15, 2015, just three months before Amanda started filming the Bachelor.

The couple has joint custody of their daughters and Nick frequently posts photos of them on his Facebook account. While it’s not known who filed for divorce, he still has a number of pics on social media of Amanda, including their wedding day photo.

Amanda Stanton Ex Husband nick buonfiglio
[Image via Nick Buonfiglio Facebook]
Radar reports that the couple’s divorce decree states that Nick takes the children on “alternating weekend” and “every Wednesday night.” Amanda spent part of September and all of October filming the Bachelor, so it’s possible that her ex got to spend a lot more time with his daughters while she was trying to make a love connection with Ben.

The settlement reportedly requires Buonfiglio to pay Stanton $2,000 per month in child support based on her $100 per month income and his $8,750 per month income at the time of the divorce. Her ABC bio states that she works as an esthetician, so the $100 figure may be incorrect or based on a period when she was not working full time.

“The settlement reported that Stanton only has a monthly income of $100.00, but has $3,900 in expenses per month… Buonfiglio agreed to pay $2,000 a month in child support to Stanton by the first day of every month. He also had to pay Stanton $1,400 per month in spousal support from January until December 2015.”

[Spoilers ahead]

Amanda hasn’t been on a one-on-one date with Ben yet, but Reality Steve‘s spoilers indicate that she will go on a date in Ben’s hometown of Warsaw, Indiana. She will then be one of four ladies who move on to the hometown dates — that’s when she will introduce Ben to her two daughters, Kinsley and Charlie.

According to previous report from The Inquisitr, filming for Amanda’s hometown date with Ben and her two daughters took place at the end of October in Orange County, California. Spoilers reveal that Ben decided to send Amanda home at the rose ceremony, preventing her from advancing to the overnight dates.

What happened during the hometowns (airing February 22) that prompted Ben to eliminate Amanda? Did her recent divorce from Nick Buonfiglio come into play or were there other issues that put Amanda out of the running to become the future Mrs. Higgins?

Watch the Bachelor on Monday nights on ABC to find out what happened between Amanda and Ben.

[Image via Rick Rowell/ABC Television Network]